PSX/PS2 to Neo-Geo converter?

Does anyone know of a PSX/PS2 to Neo-Geo converter for arcade sticks? I swear I saw one mentioned in a thread not far back but I’ve searched high and low and can’t find any info. Help!

I’ve scoured that thread, but it is 104 pages long… did I miss something? I’ve tried, Google searches, Scamazon, evilBay… gah!!:mad:

Try this. Look for Ps2 to saturn etc. And if you find one please let me know if it’s worth a purchase. I myself has been intrested in one too.

Search for a trading outlet thread started by laugh.

Ah ha, thanks 1992.

Hello Gunstar Hero,
I was wondering if you bought the converter and tried it out. Would appreciate if you can tell me about your experience with it.

If you can find one of the ToToTEK converters they work perfectly. I have two of them and use them on both my MVS and NeoCD, no lag and they have worked with every type of PS PCB I can find.

:smile: wow, they are really that good? I got a new neogeo stick 2 from the orochi pack at home and would love to use it.
Have you used one of them by any chance?

I have not used the PS2 NeoGeo Stick 2 but I do have an assortment of AES and Kidney sticks that I use on a regular basis and love. No better way to play SamSho or Last Blade than with the original AES joystick, cracked up balltop and all.

Do you know a place where I can get one or two? I already tried to contact tototek via email but still no response.

If you end up with a spare old style or NeoCD pad, lemme know and we’ll work something out :slight_smile:

Hell, I’ll make a PSX->Neo converter for ya.

yeah i have 2 of the tototek converters as well
and there is no lag at all
and they are cheap

thats your best bet

sorry don’t got any extra controller. :angel:

So you can really make those converters? I also searched on ebay but could not find any.

Yeah, it wouldn’t be too hard, I’d just need extension cords, which for AES are pretty spendy to come by but there are some plastic db-15 extension cords that can be cut so they fit in an AES or MVS controller port. And some sort of plastic box to put it all in. I have boards for close this purpose already fabbed, and the code for reading PSX controllers is done already, so coding wouldn’t take too long.

Tell ya what, I’ll trade ten boards, just add PSX cable and appropriate 15 pin Neo cable and a plastic box and you’ve got a converter, for an MVS Sam Sho 5 Special. Hell, I’ll release the code and board as well so anyone can make as many as they like.

Could I just pay you for two of these via paypal for example? That sounds a lot easier. :wgrin:

You know I actually have an extra NeoCD pad laying around not being used. I bought it at a flea market and it felt kinda rough but it was only $3. Took it home and hooked it up but the d-pad “thing” doesn’t seem to work. I opened it up and tried to clean it out but I think it may just be a little to used up. If you want it though be my guest. And if you happen to come across one of those SamSho V Special MVS boards I will provide you with free hosting for anything/any size that you want for the next 3 years :wgrin:

EDIT: Also found an extra AES joystick around. Has the normal amount of wear on it (parts kinda loose and the balltop is all cracked up on the inside).

I have a number of PSX ends I can use if needed, but the hard part is getting the Neo end. I know one of these can be used:
with a little modification, but can anyone find those for cheaper? That’s the only one on Ebay at the moment I can see, and monoprice doesn’t carry them that I can find.

I have two spare Tototek ones I haven’t been using for a while. I shall PM you soon.


NeoGeo : Tototek (Pablo_the_Mex) ~ $15 + shipping
Pros : Works with Sony PCBs
Cons : Does not work with SFAC, other PCBs may be questionable

All day son, hold it down.