Psx pcb in a TE having issues

My friend brought over a dead TE the other day and asked me to put a psx pcb inside it .I have a TE like this also and use the Laugh,inpin ,xconverter and ems with it.Long story short I gutted the TE and installed the pcb for him.Now heres the problem,The TE works great with every converter but the inpin,pelican and xconverter.On those 3 adapters its giving a constant jump left that according to my PC is an analog jump up left. this is the pcb im using and it is the same one Im currently using in my TE any help would be great, thanks.
Dont be afraid to ask questions in the Newbie thread.

distributed voltage using resistors then…That makes sense(thirdstrike voice) . I ended up giving him a sanwa’d up hori that works with all his adapters and will just use the TE with my supergun/laugh converter that i used to use the hori with.Thanks for the help,next time i will use the noob thread.