Hey guys,
I just started playing SF III Alpha Max on the PSP, because I cannot stop thinking about SF in general - having it on the go is amazing! I wish I had been into SF during this era when there were so many more characters and the sprite animation was so playful (Sagat bringing Dan’s dead corpse out at the beginning of a match = megalulz).

Does anyone else still play this? I would love to know how you guys have fared with online play, and whether or not you’ve been able to adjust to the analog nub. I can’t seem to pull off supers / F - D - DF moves consistently. This is actually encouraging me to explore more charge characters as they require more attention to timing rather than joystick precision.


You’re so wet behind the ears you didn’t even think of hitting up the Fighting Game Discussion huh? Take this topic there for some results.

Jump back sho applies here, too.

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