PSP question

I just got a new psp, and wanted to know how is it that i can put a game in it that i had purchased from the PS store. Can i just use a normal usb cable to pass it from my ps3 to my psp? or is there another way it has to be done?

Yes, you can use the USB cable that came with it to do it. What you do is, when you download a PSP demo or game from the PS Store, you have to install it onto your PS3, then you connect your PSP up to the PS3 with the USB cable and put it on USB Connection. While your PSP is in USB mode, you find the PSP game and press ‘‘X’’ on whatever PSP game you downloaded from the PS Store and installed on your PS3, and it should copy it right onto your PSP given you have enough space on your Memory Stick.

OR, you can just insert your PSP memory stick in your PS3 and transfer it in that way. No USB cable necessary.