psp fans!

Lots of games are coming out, so excited about it, you must have a psp however, Madden NFL 2011, Tron, Split Second, FIFA 2011, Ghost Recon 4 Predator, NBA 2k11, UFC Undisputed. Hopefully will be out in time for the holidays! Also if you have a psp you can get an ever expanding library of games for only $9.99, seriously looking into this.

Just wanting to talk to others about psp games/products

THe PSP loveDr.

Ys! Best hack and slashes ever and they’re finally coming stateside.


Now, to make this more tech talkey. Has anyone played with Remotejoy? I can’t get it to play nice with adhoctousb, but for singleplayer stuff it’s fun.

This looks like more weirdass spam.

Displaaaay laaaag :[
I wanted to play DJ MAX on my Computer screen, big mistake.
<edit> not to be a dick, but isn’t there a PSP General thread in the General Discussion board? Not that I have a problem talking about this financial minefield of a handheld…

This is definitely in the wrong section

Exactly what I was thinking.

This reminds me of those weird chinese posters that make a couple of semi-legible posts, then they go apeshit with random spam.

LOL the set up… for the spam pitch!

Uhhh…yeah, check out this guy’s other posts:

Seems…odd to me, to say the least.

Financial minefield? The PSP is a great system darnit.

And yeah, i picked up that the OP poster was probably a spambot too. It sounded too much like a commercial.

When did I say it wasn’t a good system?
I said financial minefield.

Agreed. Go get your PSP on in General Discussion.