PSP arcade stick?

Hey guys, I’m just wondering, but is it possible to have an arcade stick for the psp that connects to the mini-usb slot (since theres a mod with a ps2 controller for the same slot)? By arcade stick I mean all six buttons for fighting games and an 8-direction joystick!

I don’t think so. You want to use arcade sticks on a handheld? Get a GP2X

Its possible, the question is it worth it?

Link to mod, I can look at it.

Alternatively, Sony recently filed a patent wherein you could use a sixaxis with a PSP. If anything comes of that, that might be an option, though obviously with wireless there’s lag.

SIXAXIS is also wired through the usb socket.

Well, it might be worth it to some, since there is SFA3 afterall, and many people are emulating CPS3 for Third Strike (who are also saying they will be working on emulating it on the psp).

And about the mod, I didn’t look carefully enough, it requires another two mini usbs on the sides to connect to the buttons… so I’m guessing its too hard to void the warranty like that. (by adding two usb ports)

EDIT: I just read about this SIXAXIS, maybe it is possible to customize everything BUT the wireless chip and change it into an arcade stick?

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max is only on PSP. Yes, it’s worth it!

Replying to old this old thread that recently got brought back from the dead.

No, the project to mod a PSP for exterior controllers is not worth it. You have to solder thin wires to each button’s input and have place somewhere a break out connector that connects to an larger stick is not a easy mod.

You are better off trying to get a bluetooth controller sync with the PS Vita TV and having the PSP game on there

And other than 1 game, there no exclusive fighters on the PSP.

Are you for real?? ONE game?? Theres tekken 5DR and tekken 6 and guilty gear etc

If its hacked you have a bunch of ps1 fighting games too. Even vita has sfXtekken. Also arcade sticks dont need to only be for fighting games, they are great for beat’em up games eg god of war. Crappy dpads arent suited for fighting games. They need to make a small form factor hori controller

if it’s hacked it got everything. But thats besides the point.

Those aren’t exclusive. I am talking about exclusives on the psp.

But thank you for offering nothing to the conversation, see you again in another 4 years.

i bought a digital copy of a3 max off psn a few years back, was going to use it on vita tv, but i could not verify if you can do 2 player local on it so just gave up on the idea.

btw the op answered his own question in the first post

theres a mod with a ps2 controller for the same slot

so why not padhack a ps2 controller?

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There are PSP emulators that work great. Just use an EMU, and save yourself the hassle. Heck, even my Raspberry PI 3 set-up w/Recalbox, plays Alpha 3 Max Great.