PSone DS identify

WTF? any know this what is identifable PSone DS? I can hacking or can’t?

I have show a pics.

Why Sony changed different a PSone controller? :crybaby:

I’d like to help, but I franky don’t know what you’re trying to ask.

I’m guessing it can be hacked if thats what you’re aiming for. Unless this is a newer model thats completely different from the PSone DS that was used in the spiffyshoes Mod Tutorial.

Anything can be hacked. For that controller, you need to solder VERY small.

yeah… give me headach. I think this is sony psone ds A series anglog pad.

The A series will have that ribbon thing on it. You should be able to tell what series it is on the back of the controller

it is a “series A”, it just doesn’t have the terminal. so you have to solder the wire to the contacts in the brown box on the upper right. but it also seems to have 2 extra contact points that the regular solderless hackable series A doesn’t have.

2? I see two grounds, 4 for dpad, 4 for triggers, 4 for face buttons, start, select, and analog. That leases one unexplained.

oh i didn’t see the second ground. the solderless series A with a terminal only has one ground, that’s why I said 2.