Psobb schthack

I hope this is the right section for this because I searched the forums and couldn’t find any thread pertaining to this.

Anyone playing this right now? I’ve been playing PSO on and off since 2001 and I started playing this one in mid-April and haven’t stopped since. Best part is this is a private server where no hacking is allowed or tolerated, and characters are stored server-side as opposed to client side which reduces the hacking to a bare minimum. Basically, this is how PSO should have been when it first came out.

Anyways, here are my chars:

QsheiK - Level 144 HUcast - Yellowboze

-Hibikster - Level 109 RAcast - Oran

Terra Level 57 FOmarl - Greenhil

Onslaught Level 85 HUcast - Redria

If you’re on or wanna do some hunting/leveling, hit me up sometime or if you haven’t gotten aboard and are interested, go to this site:, download the client, and you’ll be on your way to play one of the best online hack’n’slash RPGs ever.

I’m a level 154 Humar. Haven’t played in months (still log on on occasion to keep my account active) I have the next 3 days off so I will be back to playing. PM me if you’re down. Game name is BlackBond.

I started playing again about a year ago, PSU was implodinig on itself so a lot of friends decided to play it for about a months time. It was fun reminiscing, and I had never played the new BB levels (DC ver 1 and GC ep1&2 player here), so it was a lot of fun recollecting what I had and doing it with friends. I stopped logging into my account after awhile though, so it was removed.

I can’t say I didn’t have a great time with it though, and I highly recommend it to anyone that loved PSO and wants to replay the game again with people. Just stay off the official and psow message boards (unless your info hunting), they don’t tolerate any discussion about the schtserver (well they do, but you can’t directly mention it :confused: ). Not to mention you’ll get flamed by the community of 12 year olds for posting something they don’t agree with :rofl:

I’m playing it too. Lvl 50 - something Ranger. Just pm me or something.

Thanks for this OP, Id rep if i could :slight_smile:

I put 5 years into the GCN version but didn’t play online until the schthack server popped up, ah good times me and my 2 bro’s doing Ultimate Temple runs (Episode 2) to try and find that god damn Yasha for my Lvl 126 SKYLY Hunewearl… good times indeed :tup:

Don’t worry, I got him :slight_smile:
This community is much more chill then the PS community anyways, needs more of you peeps out there influencing the game.

I haven’t played in like a year, but I’ve probably still got a level 200 RAcaseal, 160 HUcaseal, 130 FOmarl, 140, RAcast, 120 FOnewm on there.

Sweet, good to see you guys still on.

High level Skyly’s…I’d like to do some runs with you guys to try and find the elusive SJS sometime.

KrazyKone, I got a Sange & Yasha sitting in my bank that I don’t use much…I’d be willing to trade it up if you want.

Yesterday I was with an awesome team and did a PoD when we fought Kondrieu :smiley: Too bad it was in V-hard so he only dropped a Star Atomizer…which I tried to auction off in the lobby for big bucks (I got an offer of 2 Red Rings and 3 Photon Crystals :D)

To Quote Arnold Schwarzaneggar from Predator:

So I want to do my buddy a favor and grind his lame into an Excalibur but my problem was my force didn’t nearly have enough ATP…so I took my cast’s all power Tellusis and equipped it on her which brought her up to about 744 ATP. I decide that I would do a couple of runs in V-Hard to see if I can find a Merissa AA to get a heavenly power…on my first run…this is what I come across:

So I equip it and it brings me up to 799 ATP (ARGH!)…but then I realize during my run I picked up a Power Material…so I use that and now I’m on my way to grinding that baby.

Now I’m doing normal MA4 runs in episode 4 to grind the thing while hunting for Photon Crystals (which have been coming along quite nicely).

my brain just exploded.

is this a mmo in the vein of devil may cry or something? how do i start playing/ what’s the game’s homepage?

I play, I’m Mizuki, level 123 (iirc) Ramarl. I want people to play with.

p.s. im whitill

The website is Just download the PSO Blue Burst Client, register on the site, and you should be good to go.

Got an awesome new rig and now I can record hi definition vids of gameplay.


Here’s a boss fight vid of one of my lower level chars fighting the only rare boss in the game.

Kind of surprised to see a topic about this here. I used to be hardcore deep into PSO back in the day, but as of now I’ve really got nothing, so to speak. I play occasionally, but I haven’t really played remotely seriously in about a year and a half.

I still take my GC online a lot more than playing BB. That’s where it’s at, yo.

Yo, bump.

I’m pretty bored and the guys I roll with are doing other stuff PM me if you want some games. My RAmarl (which I usually use) is Mizuki also (rocking Momoka NPC skin). I’m lame hunting so I’m doing a lot of MA4C’s but I dont have an excal to kill lizards so I’d like help with that (because using level 20 nuke for 200 damage gets fucking nowhere, and my Skyly FOmarl atm is naked.) I just need a Skyly fo to roll with me haha.

Char ref sheet:
Level 135 Ramarl whitill
Level 104 Fomarl skyly
Level 101 Fonewmarl greenil

NO WAI!!! I’m looking into this RIGHT NOW!!

Hey I like that PSO. I’ve got a level 30 RAcaseal and a level 12 FOnewearl because I don’t know how the hell to get some pro leveling going on. I should play with you guys sometime.

any of you peeps still play?
kinda wanting to get back into this, but I’ma have to start ground up since my acct expired quite a long time ago. just looking to see if there’s still srk peeps to run with.