PSN Stream

stream on guys for UYG if you’re EC and wanna hop on.

Up Your Game Homepage

streams back up again and open if you want in…

When Is the next one happening?

it’s almost every night… but it’s different every day. it runs from 8:30 to 3 AM EST (or whenever the stream dies and Nemo isnt awake to restart it)

here’s the schedule

Monday Nights - East Coast Open Casuals
Tuesday Nights - West Coast Open Casuals
Wednesday Nights - 3v3 King of the Hill Tournaments
Thursday Nights - 3v3 King of the Hill on XBL
Friday Nights - FT5 Challenges and Ranbats on PSN
Saturday Nights - FT5 Challenges and Ranbats on XBL.

Geez Vega,

You make it sound like the stream is unreliable. :rofl:

It’s not a PeacefulJay stream or anything in HD. But what we can guarantee is that the stream is smooth and fluent. Plus, we have an alternate screen thats double the size of what you’ll find in with better audio.

as far as i know you’ve been up for 3 days… you’re due to pass out at any moment