PSN HDR Tournament 2/19/2010

**Seeing as how the game is really picking up steam and there are a lot of nearby tournaments happening, I figured t would be good to get the scene/community for another HDR tournament. :wink: No prizes this time other than experience you will gain and it’s all in good fun after all. Plenty of comp to be had. I will be recording matches as well seeing as how some people demanded and it’s good for feedback. Let me know, if you’re okay with this since I will be asking about it. Very early notice I know but if all goes well, maybe future ranbats are in order or even up to two tournaments on in a week. Depends on how everyone feels about it. Just note that for this tournament only 32 entrants will be accepted. Here’s as follows: **

*PSN HDR Tournament 2/19/2010
*Time 9PM EST
*Double Elimination, Best 2 out of 3 rounds to advance.
*Finals best 3 out 5 rounds. (Includes Grand finals)
*Chat room will be used once again… and it will start ON TIME. I will send out text so you can begin and will randomly ask to make a room for 3 so I can record. :bgrin:
*If you don’t already have me on your friend list, be sure to send a request to ensure it goes along well.
*No turbo allowed
*Akuma may be playable.

    *You 5mins before being DQ’d if you are a no show for your match.

Looking forward to seeing you guys. :china:

Sign ups:
1 F.D.K.

I’m in.

go ahead and sign me up:)

I got you. Glad you can make it.

List updated


…sure!? :confused:

People not signing up because of no consolidation prize. Pretty lame but it’s understandable. Hope everyone realizes I"m not getting anything out of this, just trying to get the HDR community together.

Anyways latest update:

  • Str8crazy, Jimmyjames, Hadouken69 and Afromatic1234 may be in attendance. Waiting for a concrete answer.*

Sign me up! tag: HAD0-KING

Sign me up

I’ll try to make this, but I can’t 100% say I will be there yet

Damn damn damn damn damn… I’m going to be at Disneyland on that date.

I’ll try to make it, good comp last time & i want play Reno again…

Sign Me Up Please

Man these are early tourneys! Later would be better. At least 10PM EST.

I’m in. Hopefully I’ll do better this time lol. I play worse just knowing it’s a tourney match lol. For some reason I feel like 10x more pressure than usual and I just start cracking.

I don’t think lack of entries = no prize… kind or early and short notice would prolly be the culprit here. Either way I’m in. :slight_smile:

Well I can’t do it. I’ll be leaving town tomorrow and won’t be back till late Sunday…

And just out of curiosity, is Akuma AND turbo allowed?

ill be in attendance to hand out beatings to beginners. and beatings to intermediates. i wish to play some advanced folks. renomd has been troublesome but beatable. ill try to eliminate aceunlimited 2-0 with only grabs

I over looked that. Sorry. :looney: People want Akuma banned like the norm? I actually don’t mind it… turbo however is a different story.

Broham- :rofl:

Ego- Next time I will consider that, this time I have work early morning =the following day. =(

Rice- That’s what I also figured. Good to hear you can make it.

list updated

should put my name in there