PSN/ 360 TEKKEN 6 TRAINING TEAM + Tournaments

Your current skill level is irrelevant. Dedication, however, is important. Be ye Shiite or Qudan, you are welcome so long as you as you have the desire to improve your game whilst helping others and acting responsibly. This is not just a resource to find matches (though that is a part), it is a proven training technique. If you want to level up your game, to get to know players to play against often and level up together, then this a real help. The training team has been working on Street Fighter 4 mostly, and has had great success there (to read what current members think, please see below). We have chat rooms, people streaming and watching matches, feedback between players and regular tournaments to help you test your skills and STEP YO GAME UP!!! For Street Fighter 4, we have up to 60 players on the chat at one time. The chat also includes features such as a match finder, a hub from which to watch live streams of other players and to upload your own streams, links to streams of major tournaments (which the team watch and chat about during the matches) and much more.

What we offer : **
IRC Channel:
Instantly be in contact with other dedicated players

A matchbot ? it facilitates match making, stream posting/linking and other various (but useful) features.

Get **feedback **from other players immediately after and even during matches

Regular dedicated **chat sessions **to discuss key aspects of the games

**Tournaments **: Regular free tournament to test your skills
A social venue to get to know other players
Feedback on Matches (each player is asked to help others. If another player has questions, please answer them. If you have questions, please ask them)
Up to date information on the current tournament scene

What we ask in return : NOTHING but respect for each player

HOW TO JOIN In order to join, simply enter the following information on this thread.

PSN/XBL Gamer Tag:
Dedication (casual, tournament level, hardcore, etc):
Characters you use:
Strengths of your game:
What I need to practice :
Can you record/stream matches?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via PM. Also, if you see illwill1979 or Nemesys_Syndrome around they can get you situated as well.
Team Training Tournament 1** - PSN (XBL will follow shortly)

To make the hype it new levels of insanity, we?re gonna kick this mo fo off with an instant tournament for PSN
Please be informed that this is a non profit tournament and is only for those who wish to gauge what their level of skill is as well as how to better equip themselves in various matchups. The purpose for this is also to bring together a stronger Tekken 6 community. So without further unnecessary rambling, here are the rules:


First to 3 rounds
First to Win 3 Matches advances
You must be present in the irc room at the designated time. ( Channel: #T6)
Cut off date for Seating will be November 11th.
North American Players Only (cause of lag).

Training Tournament will begin on Monday November 16th at 6.30pm EST.

To register, please fill in your details (as stated above) in this thread.
Good luck and have fun!

ACCESSING MIRC - thanks to Illwill

NOTE: For an easier method of joining the room (I wouldn?t recommend doing this permanently though) you can visit and enter your username and channel (#T6).

Ok, here is the info to get setup on IRC so we can make this much more streamlined. It will explain how to get mIRC, how to get connected to Quakenet, and how to join our channel. Please be sure the read the directions thoroughly if you are unfamiliar with irc. For those with experience, just make sure to use your PSN/GamerTag and go to Quakenet and channel #T6
click on Download mIRC
Click on Download mIRC again
Either Run or Save the file that pops up
Choose the install directory for mIRC (default is fine for most)
Let mIRC install
Run mIRC
In mIRC a dialogue box should auto pop with some stuff for you to fill in:
Full Name: obvious
Email Address: obvious (you don’t get spam (that I’ve ever seen) from mIRC)
Nickname: Use either your PSN or GT
Invisible Mode: If you turn on invisible mode, people will not be able to see you on IRC unless they already know your nickname, or if you join a channel or talk to them privately. I recommend keeping it checked so no weirdos randomly try and give you tehsex0rs.
Click on the ‘servers’ category on the left
Navigate to ‘QuakeNet’ and dbl click on it
Dbl click on 'random US server’
Click on 'Connect’
Under ‘enter a channel name and click join:’ type #T6 and press enter
NOTE: you can click on the ‘Add’ button and enter the appropriate information to make #T6 one of your favourites.

Comments from current members after our latest SF4 tournament

SGT Bowser : ?This was easily one of the most organized online tournaments I’ve tried. The real time bracket updates were great and the channel was convenient.?

Aboffman : ?I’d definitely sign up for the next one.?
MartinRob: ?It was really fun and i look forward to doing this again. GGs to everyone i played.?
EyeLoveSF4 : ?Tournament was a blast. To all those that missed it, better luck next time or should i say hurry the fuck up and join next time!!?

DaMoney21 : ?The chat was perfect, main room with talk and results, then you could pm your opponent, which was convenient. I get hyped for stuff like this, so this was a great experience for me. Faced some good people, saw what i can improve on, so it also helped me get better. This should definitely happen again. It was run really well ?

Capn Bard : ?The tournament this Sunday was fantastic! I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to organize and run it. Great job and great turnout! I loved seeing all of the new players.
There are lots of good match discussions goin on in the IRC channel, people! I’m really glad I started frequenting.?

Seems like a good idea. I’ll fill in all my details when I get home.

with how much lag the game has online i dont think ppl will show. good luck tho.

That’s a good point, but i figured id give it a shot… guess time will tell if people are interested

Wish there was a Tekken subforum on SRK that we can all hang out in

Wish there was a Tekken website we could hang out at:

I saw screw this and keep this same message here and post it at tekken shoryuken sub forum and tekken zaibatsu.

Wish there was a forum on that Tekken Zaibatsure where I’m a mod:


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“If they hadn’t done what I told 'em not to do, they’d still be alive” - Mr.Blonde makes the case for railroading in Reservoir Dogs.

some people don’t realise that a lot of people don’t go on the sub forums.

I could articulate this a lil more but if things go crazy ill get the blame :rofl:

It’s called laziness. And now you don’t have a choice.

i signed up in the last thread and nothing became of it… does anyone want to just add me and fucking get some games in?

PSN/XBL Gamer Tag: Deluster (PSN
Dedication (casual, tournament level, hardcore, etc): Casual/Tournament
Characters you use: Steve, Kazuya
Strengths of your game: I am pretty new, but have basic fighting game skills
What I need to practice : To get better so I can beat my wife, she is the tekken player, I am the Street Fighter
Can you record/stream matches? Not right this moment, but I will be able to in the near future (Waiting on my easycap.)

I can teach some steve if anyone wants to learn… [media=youtube]6xPSI6byiZQ[/media]