PSM Magazine "Girls of Summer" feature

In case anyone’s interested, PSM Magazine #86 (July) has a 10-page 2k4 swimsuit special with a bunch of cool full-page artwork. Here’s a brief index.

Queen of the Game Girls
(Chun Li)
Illustration by Ryan Kinnaird

Girls that Know Jak
(Ashelin, Keira, Jak)
Illustration by Kevin Lau
Colors by Gary Yeung of UDON

Illustration by Ryan Kinnaird

(Ibuki, Makoto, Elena, Chun Li, Cammy)
Illustration by Arnold Tsang of UDON
(the caption says Sakura but i’m pretty sure it’s Makoto)

Tekken It Solo
Illustration by Jason Pearson

Illustration by Adam Warren
Colors by Ryan Kinnaird

Ninja R&R
(Ayame, Kurenai, Hibana)
Illustration by Rick Mays
Colors by Ryan Kinnaird

The best one is definately the two-page SF surfing pic by Arnold Tsang, but the BloodRayne one is good too. Nina just looks weird to me. The ninja one is from three games, Tenchu, Red Ninja and Nightshade, and there’s a few random ninjas in the background too.

It also says that the pics are available online as wallpapers on their website ( but i guess somebody’s lagging.

Im looking forward to the queen of games and the perfect group of girls:eek: Finally, they have a new set of cast appearing instead of repeats:cool:

yeah i subcribe to PSM mag, all the pics are great, my fav one is the jak 2 pic, but arnold tsang did a great pic of the sf girls at the beach and my fav girl ibuki!!! is in the pic along with sakura, elena, cammy and chun li, those two pics were the best imo


oh i scanned all of the pics from the mag, but i dont know if that is ok just to show them off to people online, is that legal? :confused:

Don’t know about the legality issue, but e-mail’em to me!



If its not too much trouble then I’d like to see them as well. Many thanks.


Yes it is, now upload them.

Guys -

it is actually INDEED a copyright infringement if you scan and distribute those pictures around. And I do not wish to promote that here because this would potentially get this site into trouble if anyone from PSM magazine saw your posts.

Please kindly remove all the posts regarding this subject.


What happened with Elena? Her breasts look smaller than… than any girl in any Capcom game… ever! I bet even the lolis in Rival Schools are bigger than that…

He drew Ibuki and Cammy (!?!) with bigger boobs!!!

Really, i dont know her official measurements or anything, but her sprite is not “small” at all.


“Outrage” is a itty bitty strong, but look how she is in the game (sprite attached)…

Eh… I havnt seen the magazine so I cant tell how bad it is. Is it like A cups or something??

She looks like shes a C.

Gee, nobody answered?

Ok, she looks like a 10 year old girl. Cammy looks at least twice as big (!!!), and Ibuki (!?!?) easily tree times (someone likes Ibuki a lil too much).

I got just got the magazine and I see what ur talking about Time_Stop. However it also looks like it was drawn in an camera angle to make Ibuki & Cammy look like they have bigger breasts. And isn’t Elene the tallest SF girl? So it maight be scaled at a distance view. But who really cares about the titties, its the overall fan-service that counts right?

MOD EDITED: Please refrain from posting offers and request of scans of any copyrighted materials in the public forums. If the PSM people see this, we will all be in trouble. Thank you!

Those PSM pics

MOD EDITED: Please refrain from posting offers and request of scans of any copyrighted materials in the public forums. If the PSM people see this, we will all be in trouble. Thank you!

Answering this 12 year old thread for old time’s sake!

Chun-Li PSM Swimsuit Special of July 2004 Issue 86:

PlayStation: The Official Magazine (formerly PSM Magazine) has been defunct for about four years now, this means it’s perfectly fine to post the illustrations produced for this magazine so long as the original authors are credited (they are credited in the images themselves).

Have fun!

ROFL I wasn’t even a mod back then. Just in case people want to curse me out in the SRK Lounge in GD over this one too. Eeeeh do it anyway. THE HATE IT FEEDS ME MORE HATE MORE HATE!!! :smile:

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Man. We waited 12 years for that???