Psl - Bojah!11 5-29-04

'Sup bitches? PSL got it’s groove on tonight with it’s own tournament! Results to follow.

  • The Story -
    PSL was anxioulsy awaiting for Young Ic3 to call and come by for a visit and some beatdowns - but the bastard never called. So we had our suprise tournament anyway! Shame Young Ic3 was nowhere to be found for his matches :frowning: OH well, FORFIET!!!

With the absence of Young Ic3’s presence we decided to up the ante a bit. The one known as Eric Oja(Uber1) was elected to be the giver of the tournament prize. FREE HAND JOB TO THE WINNER! Thus the tournmanet became: PSL - Battle for OJA’s Hand!! :eek: :eek:

ECC9 who? Evo what? It’s about BOJAH BIOTCH, BOJAH!!!
This tournamet had everything anyone could ask for in a tournament - and then some. We had upsets! We had beat downs! We had crying children, and numerous cock-blocks! The fun never ended!

  • The Games -
    Capcom Vs SNK2
    Results HERE
    Those are the results, here are the highlights:
    Kyle Wesley eliminated THE TRUTH (Levi)resulting in THE TRUTH going to his bedroom (Rumors of tears soon followed).
    Troyboy gained his first victory of the night with CvS2. Blood, sweat, and even some urine was put into those matches. He played well and fought hard and deserved the win. But honestly, who overheads a standing opponent during Ken’s A-groove?
    Acesmith5- a fan favorite to win. Was not quit paying attention and chose Kim in S-groove during his losers bracket match. Better luck next time Ace, better luck next time :wink:

Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Results Here!

Marvel was teh ghey. The End.

Actually, Marvel wasn’t teh ghey, SilverGear was. Seriously, please send pictures of weewees to his email address @
Acesmith5 was thrown out of the winners bracket by Silvergear’s turlting Stryder Doom. All matches were won on Time Out. WHAT THE FUCK!! Turtling Stryder Doom? Time outs? :eek: :mad: :confused: We’re real G’s at Marvel. Mixup don’t know about this shit! Maybe we can teach him a thing or two.
Good games to all. I’ll be back next time!

Super Turbo:
Results Here!
Crazy upsets in ST!
Random Ken is good.
8 year olds + Blanka are too good.
Throws > God.
'Nuff Said.

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike:
Massive craziness in 3s!
Nathan shows he sucks by picking top tier Whore-Li.
Troy shows Nathan what’s up by taking out Whore-Li with Elena.
Top Tiers SUCK!

But seriosuly. 3s was good. Levi showed us why he’s THE TRUTH! placing 4th and beating out people twice his age.
Good games to all and keep up the skill.

Thanks for stopping by, more to come later. When it’s NOT 3:40am! x_x

Oh, and Young Ic3. Give a ring to a brother next time bitch! :cool:

The winner of 3 of 4 tournaments!


We should of had GGXX so I could have won that too. Next time:evil:

I would never made it anyway,

1: my girl was bitchin because @ the mall, i was talkin to some other chick about DIRECTIONS!:mad:

2: it was my cousin’s celebration on the party @ this club.

So no matter what i couldn’t make it. But sry i didn’t call you guys, i feel bad, how can i make it up to ya?:rolleyes:

Okay, so I’m sitting down having a pleasent evening flipping through a photo album with Anah. Then Troy busts into the room and says “COME ON WE’RE THROWING A TOURNAMENT!!!”.

I was confused and bewildered. I had no choice but to accept.

Okay first off Matt. What the hell is with this results thread? The main post looks like you ate 10 cans of alphabet soup and then crapped out a post.

Let me post these from now on please. :stuck_out_tongue:

CvS2. That game blows. I had Troy on the ropes and then he pulls off some bogus CC and takes the win. Boooooo!!!

Either way I felt good, Troy was pulling off RC’s and still fighting up-hill. :lol:

Yeah do yourself a favor Matt; never pick S-Groove again. You got your ass thrown to death.

Hey it’s not my fault you parked your ass in the corner with Cable. If your not going to move, why should I? I mean it’s not like you’re going to chip me to death with your Juggs/Blackheart assists. :lol:

Wow. I’ve really been slipping lately. Maybe I should put the books aside for a bit and actually touch-up my game a bit.

Troy you’ve shown me that you can contend, now it’s time for me to take you where the wild things are. Brace yourself bitch! :lol: Next time I’m taking you DOWN!

I just gotta practice up that’s all. I’m getting hella rusty. :frowning:

Tell you what, you can give me the hand job Oja owes me and we’ll call it even. Deal?

when he activated the CC yu should have been blocking :smiley:

you must be getting rusty, cause i hear troys been beasting you up and down the place lately in 3S

Fuck what other peeps say S-Groove is here to stay and it does madd damage…


Dr B
give me a couple tips in Sgroove please :smiley:
i bow to you B

Re: Re: Psl - Bojah!!!11 5-29-04

I WAS! What happened is I was chilling while he was burning his CC and then he paused, well I flipped and though maybe we was going to C. Forward me, but instead he hit me with an over-head and then finished me off. :\

Boy was lucky I didn’t have any meter or I would have Alpha countered his ass.

Beasting? :lol:

Last night I must of taken 20 years off of Troy’s life expectancy. I mean I’ve never seen him THAT stressed before.

He’s far from beasting, trust me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dr. B:

Yo Dr. B what’s up? I have nothing against S-Groove. I mean I’ve seen you in action before and you’ve got some hot stuff, but I don’t think S-Groove does the user well when all he does is nothing but Dodge every time his opponent walks within throw range. :lol:

Some people like Alphabet soup.

damn, stop beasting!!!

If GGXX was there I would have taken that too.

Kugler your next…:evil:

There was an ST tourney and no one told me???:(:mad:

BTW, you were probably using my copy of ST since I think I left it in your DC last time I was at Jeff’s

Sorry Isaac, everything was all so sudden.

Better luck next time in Marvel Matt. :wink:

well looks like I’m gonna have to come down there and show you guys whats up:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Well let me be the first to say that you’re always more then a welcome guest Isaac.

We’d love to have you!

Yeah Isaac your more then welcome to get run anytime you want. :smiley:


be careful what you wish for boy MUAHAHAHA

BTW, love the avatar

LOL man you people are too crazy, I miss chillin’ with you guys. When are you gonna come back down? If not I might see you at the Orlando tournament on the 3rd if you guys are planning to go. Because!! nathan, you gotta take this fuckin camera off my hands, and develop gandido’s gay pics . :confused: lol. Keep up the ggxx practice, and take care. cya.

p.s. troy your avatar owns all avatars… seriously.

Nathan winning MVC2 tournies? Please have another tourney. I can win this one. I know I can. Maybe even CVS2. If I come visit can we please have another tourney?