PSABR Official Tier List 2013 Edition

Having official mastered this game I have come up with this definitive tier list. This is for 1v1 only. 2v2 list coming after I have mastered that portion of the game

S: Sack Boy
A+: Evil Cole, Raiden
A: Dante, Cole, Fat Princess
B: Kratos, Nariko, Parappa, Sir Daniel, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, Drake
C: Big Daddy, Toro, Heihachi, Ratchet
D: Radec
F: Jak

Unplaced: Spike

Kratos for DLC

Jak and Radec worse than Sweet Tooth? What a hilarious premise.

This can’t be a serious attempt.

I would love to hear your reasoning on why Ratchet is so low.

Wait. You’ve mastered the game? For real? Can I see your credentials?

LOL Parappa and Sir Dan over Ratchet? I think characters who have guaranteed SP1 kill setups should probably rank higher than characters who don’t…
Also I think the tiers change depending on what mode your in: 1v1, 2v2, or FFA.

Sir Dan has guaranteed its just either hard to setup or only against the air.

Also I think sackboy only top tier in FFA and with correct team play in 2v2. Also smart FFA play (with stock) non sackboy players should really just try and kill sackboy to eliminate that lvl3

How is Nariko anywhere other than F tier. Understandably Jak has a hard time in 1v1 but…Nariko’s supers are by far the worst in the game.

For a combo heavy character Nariko doesn’t seem to build AP as well as Kratos, DINO and Raiden. She’s asking to die if someone blocks her dive move.

Jak is terrible. Radec is predictable. Sweet Tooth’s air shotgun is amazing. His level 1 super is very fast and great for punishing. He can almost build 1 meter in a combo midscreen… In the corner he can build 1 meter in a combo. Only thing he really needs is a combo into lvl 1

Oops I’ll fix that.

While his mid range zoning game is decent he can really be attacked from angles that he can’t defend reliably. His ways to combo into level 1 are meh at best.

Yes to both of those. Parappa is amazing but lacks a reliable combo into level 1 AFAIK. Sir Dan has a combo into level 1 and has a really good skill set, that shield is so good. Everyone A tier and up has a guaranteed level 1 setup except for sack boy. He’s S because he will get his level 3 almost 100%

She can combo into level 1 off the air cannon and she builds 150 meter in 1 combo

Heihachi being so low can only be explained by you not understanding him in the slightest.

I’d like to see this Sir Dan combo.


Sackboy has 2 guaranteed level 1 combos. Rachet just needs the minions to hit you and he can super. Or he can just vacuum you into a corner an let loose a super you can’t get out of. Sweet Tooth can do j.1 and combo super afterwards.

Dan can’t combo into lvl 1, Parappa can do it off wallbounce, but his level 2 is good for 2 kills if you use it up close to them and get a good spawn.

Radec has the potential to completely halt most of the game with retreating grenade and the Cable nades, not to mention a really damn good lvl 1.

But if Parappa’s wallbounce is impractical so is Nariko’s air cannon into fireworks (which I’ve seen sometimes not even go off properly)

This guy is nuts. Should’ve realized how uninformed he was judging by the list but decided to humor him.

Stopped reading there

Nariko is booty sweat

We got some secret Sir Dan tech going

That’s still after 3/4 debunks of what your list already has. So clearly you mastered being wrong and are content with remaining as such.

Unless of course you’d like to say that Dan can do more than tech trap into Arrow > Super.

Spike for A Tier.

The fuck? Listen here Santa, you can’t combo into his super, it’s a reset/tech trap. Even if you get the poison gas crumple it doesn’t actually combo. It’s a great super for platform levels and hitting people who panic and air tech but that’s it. Unless you’ve got some secret Dan stuffs hidden and would like to share with the class. His tools are all very good but Ratchet and Heihachi are holy shit better.

You’ve mastered this game in like a week and a half? Dude, teach me to Dougie