PS4 streaming question

Tried streaming recently on PS4 and had an audio issue. Game audio came through fine on stream but there was no voice audio. I plugged in my headphones into the dualshock but when I use my stick the controller turns off. Is there any way around this? Unfortunately my stick doesn’t have a headphone jack either. Tried looking at the settings on PS4 but that just made me more confused. Any help would be appreciated. Apologies to the mods if this is in the wrong section.

Advanced streaming options you must enable chat and group chat settings.
[] Easiest route would be using a PS4 Camera as your mic source.
] 2nd would be to use a newer stick that has a microphone jack, new Brook’s PCBs at the end of march will have this as well as Hori sticks
[] 3rd option takes some work but you already have all the hardware, create a second PSN account if you don’t already have one. [list=1]
] On your primary account start a group chat using your arcade stick
[] Then login your smurf\secondary account using your DS4 and join the group chat you created with your primary account using your arcade stick.
] Press the PSHome button on your arcade stick to regain control of your PS4 on your primary account, any audio in your group chat will be audible through your stream now.

Thx so much for the detailed info. I guess option #3 is my only choice but it seems complicated. I’ll give it a try and see. Btw, would just getting a cheap usb headset and plugging it into the PS4 work too?

IIRC only official usb devices work. Could use the Sony one, but that’d probably be it.

Really? That’s surprising but thx a lot.

I’ve used generic 3.5mm to usb mic/headphone before and they’ve been compatible with PS4. But unknown if all usb mic/headphones would work.

Hmm I might have to just buy a cheap headset and try it cause I tried option #3 and it didn’t work. I still couldn’t get any voice on stream and I tried multiple times.

Did you try the headset that comes with your PS4? That should work fine. Or a Galaxy or iPhone headset.

I tried my IPhone ones and it still didn’t work.

iPhone headsets work fine with the DS4. Verify you have group chat enabled for your stream in advanced options if you’really using the 3rd option workflow.

Pretty sure I did. I even checked the make chat heard in stream option but I’ll try again and see.

Finally got it working but only with the PS4 ear bud that was included(why is there only 1 ear bud lol). I tried my headphones and my Iphone buds and none worked. I even tried my Q4 stick with the headset that came with that and it didn’t work either. Thx so much for the help.