Ps4 pro vs slim

What are the advantages for sf5 to buy the pro version?


You’ve never heard a woman say she’s glad your joint is slim.

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I doubt you’ve ever heard a woman say she’s glad your joint is Pro.

For sfv? Probably nothing, but if your pickin up a ps4 for whatever then defo go pro.

Easy and quick guide.

Do you have a 4K display right now, at this moment?
If the answer is NO, get the vanilla/Slim PS4. As you never take advantage of the Pro of the improvements on a 1080p Display.

If you plan on using a psvr I’d recommend a getting a pro. VR games do pickup a little better graphics on headset.

I read that the load times are better on the pro .

Where are the Mods at? This dumbass question could’ve been asked in the PS4 thread.

Today it’s this. Tomorrow it’s “Wii vs Wii U: What are the advantages? K thx bi”

Maybe, they might have a slightly better Bluray drive read speeds and HDD speeds
But only marginally better. Maybe a bit more ram.

Still If you don’t do VR and don’t have a 4K display I say the Pro is a pass.

And its been asked 400 times in SFV section like it will improve clipping/hitboxes/guy who can mash invincible special moves while being hit

The answer?


This is the face she makes when you tell her you have a Pro.

The advantages for SFV will be you can play other games with the enhancements instead of that trash.

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I help that answers your question serf.