PS4 or XB1 in Tourneys?

Which version of Marvel Infinite will be played in tournaments; the PS4 or XB1 version?

Benchmark PC? (I know I wish…)

PS4 because we TOs aren’t buying XBox One’s just for one game.

Plus Pro Tour which is being sponsored by Sony. SFV even has Playsation/Capcom themed colors for characters. Sony all day errday.

Even if the XB1 version ran better, Sony money ensures the Pro Tour and pretty much all tourneys will never be on the Xbox. PC SFV with V Sync off runs better than PS4, but not even Mustard can fight it off. XB1 has no chance.

PC and XB1 are basically casual/online only. The game is starting with a quick, mini 2017 Pro Tour and you can be ensured every part of that will be PS4 only since there’s no cross play.

What about the input lag? Is it gonna happen in the PS4?

Already been tested. It’s 6 frames, same as KoFXIV, Injustice 2, and even SFV (after all the patches).


gonna happen the same on the xbox as well

and pc

its part of the game, no system you pick gonna change it.

Unfortunately, the version with the worse input lag is probably going to be the mainly used one. Xbox One version has 5 frames while PS4 has 6 based on the demos. I ask that tournament organizers use X1 version whenever possible, like right after a KI tournament so that there would be no need to switch consoles.

With the introduction of SF5 exclusively on PS4 (as consoles) it pretty much sealed the deal for the rest of this current gen as to which console would be prioritized in tournaments, at least when it comes to Capcom games.

PS4 has prioritized all games. Guilty Gear being exclusive to Playstation consoles helped seal the deal. KI is the only fighter being played on the Xbone.


Pretty sure its going to be PS4.

Lol funny. I kinda wish that Sega can make another console, and if they did, we would all be playing fighting games on that console. I love Saturn and Dreamcast.

Thank you for your answers guys! I’ll buy myself a PS4 Arcade Stick.