Ps4 DS4 controller setup

Can anyone share their button configuration setup for Akuma on the dualshock 4?
I’m trying to get a more efficient setup and just wondered if anyone could share or point me in the direction of a post that already exists on this?

I have throw set as 1 button so I don’t have to press to buttons to execute it which I think makes things better when your under pressure.
I want to do the same for V Trigger yet if I do that I have to sacrifice one of the kkk or ppp combos. But I feel that executing v trigger by pressing 2 buttons just isn’t 2nd nature to me yet and M struggling to execute this into my combos

Welcome to the point in which you will think if you buy a proper arcade stick / hitbox.

The best setup is the default one, with rare exceptions.
If you change it in order to be able to throw with one button instead of the thumb, then you will need to change it again and adapt to whatever you need to use when the next fighting game is out, or you change characters.
If possible, don’t change the settings. It is the default for a reason.