Ps360+ weird controller detection

So all of a sudden when I connect the stick in 360 mode HK doesn’t trigger in the windows controller setup window (the one that shows you all the key presses) The stuff works fine in games and the buttons light up when using ps3\ps360+ mode.

I think I remember the HK button triggering one of the stick axis controls before, but now its just not showing. Like i said, it all works within games, but I was just curious.

1.3 and 1.31 firmware tried any thoughts?

So if it works in-game for all games, what exactly is the issue? You just want it to light up when you’re not using it?

I want to know why the button isn’t detecting in the windows game controller window. Like i said. not a big deal. just curious.

Many Xbox 360 controllers on Windows treat LT and RT as a single axis and not 2 separate buttons.

Ahhh gotcha. Thanks bro!