Ps360+ saturn support incoming?

I just got an email from akishop customs saying the ps360+ is available for pre-order with this pic:

in the fine print it states:

**Cable in picture that is connected to PS360+ is not available for pre-order.

here’s hoping Saturn support is right around the corner…

Hehe, that was mighty sneaky of them… On the other hand, I haven’t heard anything else regarding the DC-VMU add-on that they were working on since seeing the initial teaser video they released. :?

neither have I… if you noticed on the video… they were plugging it onto an AGETEC arcade stick PCB… it’s possible that they piggybacked off of that but seeing that it’s nearly a year later… I doubt that’s coming out. :confused:

Oh yeah…

That’s an official Sega Saturn cord. They’re the only connector cords with dimples on them like that… Of course, you can mod Saturn controller extension cords for the PS360+, too.
I recognize it from the Mark I Saturn control pads released in the US. Recovered the connector cord from the PCB after I botched an attempt to create a Saturn-compatible arcade stick with one of the Mark I (US) pads!

Technically, you don’t need the official DC support. As long as the PS360+ works with converters AND you have Saturn or PS1/PS2 support, you can use of the Total Control converters (PS2 or Sega Saturn) that has the VMU support to play on the Dreamcast.
I bought one of the Total Control 3’s that lets me use Saturn pads or the Saturn Virtual-On Twin Stick with the DC.

I know that converter is compatible with the MC Cthulu. Good chance it’ll work with a PS360+, too.

Just got this from Focus Attack:

all but confirmed, it seems. :smiley:

what else is getting updated on that pcb board. this is kinda surprise to me right now. but what other projects that the ps+360 creator is doing now!!!

It would be nice if the VMU board was released…

2 months later… no news… :frowning:

The actual development of the Original PS360 and the PS360+ took quite alot of time.
It was a Year and a half (I think, I could be wrong) before the PS360+ came out.

Any news about the saturn support?

Not that I have seen… Funny, I was just talking about this not two minutes ago.

Last I heard, they were working on VMU support for the dreamcast.

Is there a site or forum that they are a part of that discusses the build or changes? I Googled and there is not much on “The making of…” I would love to read more on that as I have it in 2 sticks already and they work awesome!!

The only things I’ve ever seen hinting at either were a test video demonstrating the VMU, and the picture above of the PS360+ with that adapter cable that looks like a Saturn connector.

I hate to be pessimistic about this (because I’d like to see this as much as anyone), but the VMU video is around a year old. That being the case, I wouldn’t hold my breath on it… Believe me, I hope I’m wrong about that.

I read somewhere recently (I think in a FA newsletter?) that Akishop Customs was “looking into” whether their existing hardware would support XBox ONE compatibility or not… Again, not something I’d hold my breath on, especially considering how long it took to crack the 360.