PS3 XCM Dominator stick: Cheat your way to victory!

Does this annoy anyone else?

A PS3 arcade stick that has four macro storage slots, up to twenty steps each. Turbo function, for whatever that’s worth. Available to anyone with ninety US dollars.

I’m not really worried about running into too many folks using it, but the concept of someone selling an arcade stick with built in macro function sort of pisses me off.

What do you think?

Looks gimmicky, prolly won’t last even a few weeks just like any other shitty stick.

The colour of your text is unreadable.

There’s already another thread about this exact stick somewhere. But for 2d games made by Capcom this stick’s “macro” function will have little to no use.

This stick doesn’t take into consideration frame rates. So even if you were to somehow input a combo you’d only connect with a few hits before the string is broken.

But it might work for Tekken or old Mortal Kombats. (I don’t know anything about Tekken’s frame rates or anything though)

So in conclusion it’s not a big deal. Cool LED on it though.

Ah. That’s actually a relief. I already lose enough: I don’t need people helping me along.

I don’t think it will be useful for ‘combos’, but I do expect people to program in a one button SPD, or Atomic Smash (Zangief’s super), and I think that would make it extremely powerful.

It looked like a cheap piece of shit until I saw the LEDs on it and then I was just like :love:. The casing looks like it’s total crap, but the chrome stick and buttons look interesting though it’s probably crap too… I wonder if you can get Sanwa’s in the color.

I would love to see a light-up mod on some buttons on that thing though,

90$ for a shitty stick?
Better buy a HRAP3 at Amazon.

That wouldnt really do anything for MK.

Its more timing based, not rapid turbo fire BS. :confused:

Maybe just instant dragons, and spd’s. 4 macros stored apparently.

For tourneys someone will take the innards and put it in a regular stick and solder the “play” button(s) to an unused button. One button for dragon on right side (or spd), and one button for dragon on left side (or spd). 8 buttons so you got 2 free when playing sf and no one will be the wiser.

Maybe move your hands and do the motion to fool ppl looking.

What a crappy looking stick

Imagine Tekken. Just 2 button press is enough to make you win… Wow… What bad idea of a stick.


Yea but who cares about Tekken anyways?

lol j/k :nunchuck:

actually i wish someone would make a decent programmable stick for the new consoles

The best you could get is a Hori Command Stick for PS1. Then you can convert it to whatever console.

I have one that’s modded with a Seimitsu LS-56 and all Sanwa OBSF buttons.

LED screen and everything works perfectly.

I don’t even use it so if anyone wants it send me a decent offer and I’ll think about it.

I didn’t even know the SRK 09 layout existed until I read this post, my bad.

jesus christ that stick looks like shit. the start button is closer to the buttons than any other stick i’ve ever seen.

Hell yeah, I can finally do combos
My dream has come true ;-;

they should just make a controller with Artificial Intelligence to play for you

The only reason the stick annoys me is because it looks really poorly made and costs $90.