PS3 Wireless stick for sale, $140 shipped

Hope this works: Since I’m a spaz, Kitsunisan posted the pic down below

Hori SCII GC case
Sanwa JLF buttons
Sanwa JLF stick
Home Button
External Port for charging (the large USB port, type B?)
PS3 Dual Shock 3 pcb
New Megatron Graphic on high quality vinyl with laminate for protection

I just hope this works as far as posting the pic. How would I just upload it from my computer? Everything asks for a link now.

Okay, see if that works. My apologies for my crappy phone camera. My wife has the good camera.

Edit: Okay, this sucks as you have to have a facebook account in order to view it. Any help on posting a pic from my computer would be appreciated.

this isnt the trade section

This is not the place to sell sticks. You need to go to the Trading Outlet.

Even after logging in, cannot view picture.
You have to either link directly to image, or link to the Facebook page available for Public.

There is a Public Link near bottom of page of the picture you want.
Or add direct image by getting the URL, doing with Right-click.

My most sincere apologies for posting this in the wrong forum, I was in a rush. I’ll make the adjustments for my facebook page.

edit: try it now

I’ve bought from this guy before and he’s a very good seller. Also have seen the stick, parts are brand new and it’s very,very nice.

just use

There it is.

Thank you Kitsunisan, you rock!

The pics do this stick no justice it’s much more pretty than it looks here and the art on the stick has like a carbon fiber look that you can’t see in the pic.