PS3 Ultra SF4 YouTube upload question

Is this feature still working?

I keep getting an error when trying to upload. Where do you tell the game what account to upload videos to? Do you have to download and sign into the YouTube app?

from what i have read you need the app and a account which you then link togeter.

I did link up my YouTube app on the PS3 and my account says the PlayStation Network has access.

But I get the same error when trying to upload my replays from my Versus local battle log

“ unexpected error occurred while uploading the replay video to YouTube. Please try again later”

At times a quick window pops up before quickly disappearing which says

“Please authorize Ultra SF4 to upload videos to tour YouTube account by opening the following URL address in an internet browser ______ and providing the following activation code ____”

But this message disappears and the error message pops up

I’m guessing that this feature has been deactivated by 2019
Let me know if u guys can still upload versus videos

I also briefly get messages saying

“Performing YouTube authorization. Please wait “


“Verifying YouTube authorization. Please wait”

Then the error message appears

hmm, i would check the email account which the youtube account is linked to to see if you got any email you have to confirm.

Yea I did get an email from YouTube that I signed in from a new device which was me signing into YouTube on the PS3 app directly hoping opening that path would fix the Ultra problem but still the same error

Since I am late to the Ultra parry, I did ask a friend to try uploading a reply now since he used it back in the day to see if the feature is still in 2019

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