PS3 Tournament Edition Joy Stick Problem

Hey guys, the joy stick on my PS3 TE stick started squeaking and it’s all stiff when I move it left and right. It feels like I’m grinding metal…


hey joon did u sell that tekken stick?

it sounds like the metal retainer washer is out, open it up and re align it. the pivot maybe down on grease so lube it up also.

try those first then maybe we will get into opening microswitches

Yeah, I did.

Ok, I’ll try that. And what lube am I suppose to use? WD40?

nooo!! WD40 is a repellent. What i did was crazy glue the washer on.

if u want to go official sanwa then this one it’s over 30$ i warn you

but if this is a one time deal & i think it is go to honda dealer and get this Shin-Etsu G-30M this one is a few bucks

What do you mean?

Ok. Thx hacksparrow. I’ll get back to you if anything.

Wow hacksparrow, you amaze me.
Looks like you been reading a lot of old Threads.

I know where you got that info.
And I have posted that stuff before too.

I’m talking about Shin-Etsu G-30M from Honda.

LoL compliment from the almighty jdm, now that is something! im going to throw a party

you should see my subscription for studying joysticks on srk LOL many many many many book marks

How often do sticks need “lubing”?

Hey, I went to my local Honda Dealership and their Shin Etsu was $25. Are there any other cheaper oil/lube I can use?

if you have local hobby shops nearby, they have a variety of grease/lube for RC car parts use. you can probably pick up one as low as $5.