PS3 to Dreamcast

Hey everyone,

I just purchased a Dreamcast over the weekend, and was wondering if there are any solutions as to getting my PS3 Fight Stick to work on my Dreamcast.

Is there any sort of Adapter?

I’m Also looking for any information to getting my PS3 fight stick to function on my Xbox 360.


No there is no adapter and you can’t go from PS3->360.


there’s no adapter, but you can install an MC Cthulhu PCB in your stick, that PCB supports Dreamcast (without VMU)

Are you sure???
My buddy has a modified stick that works on both 360 and PS3.

And apparently there are ways to modify it to work with a dreamcast aswell!!!

sure i guess. someone asking this level of question isn’t going to do that

Your buddy probably has an MC Cthulhu or something in his stick.

Couldn’t i just put the VMU in a the 2nd controller port?
And can you maybe link me to a guide or a place to purchase such a PCB?

Why don’t you read the stickied posts?

If you had a 360 stick you could make it work for ps3 and dreamcast very easily!

If you had a PS2 stick you could make it work for PS3, 360, and dreamcast very easily!

you have a PS3 stick and it will be an expensive and hard process to get anything like that done to YOUR stick

LOL…I dont even know what that means???
Sorry dude i wanna modify my stick, and it is 100% possible.

where do you live? i’m sure we can arrange something. I have everything you need to make your stick 360 and dreamcast compatible.

I live in Canada/Quebec

Lemme know if that works for you and maybe we can discuss this further :wink:


What an asshole.

@MikeOh: There’s a thread here with modders in different areas and there are a decent amount in Canada, so you might be able to find someone there that can help you out. Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Everyone who replied to you is sure there is no PlayStation 3 to Dreamcast.
There is no USB to anythng exist.

Your friend could have a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and Dreamcast PCB Triple Mod.
Or maybe he has Multi-Console Cthulhu Dual Mod capable of Dreamcast with Dreamcast cable.

I’m just being real.

Do you think that is a good project for someone without any experience, and probably without any tools?

definitely need tools