PS3 to Dreamcast controller adapter?

Search function is borked right now, so sorry if this has been answered.

Know where I can get a converter/adapter to play my PS3 joystick on dreamcast?

Doesn’t exist sorry.

there is no converter. depending on your pcb you could do a dual pcb set up though.

damn fer real?

what about ps3 to ps2 converter?

i dont think there is usb to anything converter… i could be wrong though.


lol are you serious?

yes. why u ask?

if you need a PS3 to PS2 converter and a PS3 to dreamcast converter just gut your stick, sell the PCB and replace it with an official PSX pcb. Then you could use an inpin converter for PS3 and a total control plus for DC.

shit. more work than i hoped for. thx anyway.

for a pad or a stick?

Both. USB interfaces aren’t as simple to map as pinouts like on a regular controller. Almost all USB devices each have their own individual and unique protocol which, as Toodles mentioned to me once, would be absolute hell to decode since it’s basically entirely proprietary. Pinouts are easy since you can basically do a 1 to 1 conversion and the protocols for them are really easy to figure out because they don’t have customized code laid onto some sort of chip. In order to convert a USB device for use on another console, say a HRAP3 on a PS2 or Dreamcast, you’d have to make a converter that can read and decode that specific protocol for that specific device line.

As such, a company who attempts to make a USB to any console adapter would have to spend absolutely enormous amounts of R&D money in order to make sure many different USB protocols can be read and decoded by their converters and they would never be able to have support for every device. Why do you think the XFPS converters are so expensive? They have to go through the hell of converting protocols from two different USB devices (a mouse and keyboard) and also have to convert standard pinouts from a PS2 pad as well as pinouts for PS/2 mice and keyboards into proprietary Microsoft 360 protocol, which they either had to invest a TON into or had to buy rights to use from Microsoft themselves.

At least that’s what I believe is going on. I’m not hardcore into electronics, I’m just a casual dude. I’m sure Toodles can come in here and destroy my entire post to which I will willingly delete or edit for stupidity.

just look online for an agetec stick for dc. that way you won’t have to worry about adapters.