PS3 te stick dual mod problem I cant fix

I’ll be a happy man if someone cam help me out. Basicly im using a 360 se stick pcb to dual mod my ps3 te, but everytime I solder the cables to the top row of the ps3 button bar ( bottom right rectangle chip) my R2 button is registering as its being pressed and held down. Mean while the 360’sn Rt is working as intended. Lastly the only way I can get the ps3 side to work properly is if I discconect the soldered cables. Anyone knows why is R2 is acting as if its on turbo? Thanks

Hi Serge - what are you using to make it so that you can connect everything to one USB?

A switch or an Imp? or are you trying to do it with two USBs?


Hey Eben, I’m trying to do a switch however right now i have the 2 usbs connected because i can’t fix the r2 button problem. Once i can fix it ill go on to the next step and use 1 usb cable.

You’re connecting the wires to the barrier strip? Is that what you mean by Bottom Right Rectangle chip? Like this?

Make sure that the wire corresponding to your R2 is on the side that the wires pictured are soldered to. That is, don’t solder to the side that is light green the whole way, those are all ground.

If it’s being held down, the cause is likely that somewhere along the line that one of your ground wires is touching it. If you have a multimeter handy, then you can check for continuity and such.

If you have a camera handy, pictures can help.

Hey nerrage, yeah thats the chip i meant lol. Yes i did it exactly like it is on the picture and the problem still continued lol. However i was able to turn off the turbo on R2 and it started to function function normally except that when i turned the turbo on any button, that button goes straight into turbo fire (like the button is being pressed and held down) just like my R2 button. To make it short… the buttons all work normally only when i was able to turn off the turbo which was on before and caused all of my problems. It makes my turbo function useless. I don’t use turbo but i still wanted that junction working properly, so i removed all of the wires i soldered and used a solder-less method trick i came up across lol guess what? The same problem continued lol. After that i continued to mod and finished the whole stick but the only problem left is the useless ps3 turbo function thats bugging me lol

I search and i found no body with this problem so i guess any hope of me fixing this is on the community lol. Oh and is there a frame difference or lag difference for ps3 and xbox? the xbox version seems faster and i have to actually think about the combo links