PS3 TE MCZ Stick not working on laptop

Hy Guys,

after a very long time i decided to make a post about my issue because i think it is a little more specific then the many topics allready posted on the forum.

I own a PS3 TE stick that wont work on my laptop, funny thing i brought it to work once and when it did i worked flawlessly but never again. NOw i bought a xbox 360 stick from Hori, a small Soul Calibur VI one, just so i can play on PC. It works wirth no problems plug in and play. BUT the stick sucks big time unfortunatley so i wanted to ask if there is any way i can either make the PS3 stick to work on my one year old Lenovo Y500 laptop OR make it so i can switch cases of both sticks…

If you guys need more information please tell me. If you could help i would be the most happy guy on earth beacause tomorrow is PC patch day and i want to play on the good stick :wink:
Sorry for the bad english its not my main language.


Yeah, there already a whole thread dedicated to with work arounds and fixes to that issue

The problem is with older PS3 TE sticks, newer sticks are not affected