PS3 system update 3.21 no "Other OS"

So I switched on my PS3 some 20 minutes ago only to find an update is available. Cool beans. Who doesn’t love a good update right?

Well this time they are taking away our ability to partition the hard drive. I had Linux installed on my PS3 as a back up if anything goes wrong with my iMac. Now they are taking away the “Other OS” altogether. If I do not install this update I will not be able to sign into the PlayStation Network ever again. I think that gives me little choice BUT to install this update. Not fair IMO.

Companies like to do shady stuff like this on april fools so it gets lossed among all of the nonsense .

True story.

Also, I can’t log on to the playstation network until I update which means no more online gaming until I bite the bullet. Fucking sucks.

Ps3 Update 3.21

yeah So i updated to 3.21 and now My turbo LEDs On my SE Fight stick Say Lit Liek A christmas tree, Anyone else got the same issue?

let me go check mine…
i have a TE but that would be annoying


nope it’s just you

It should be freakin illegal what $ony just did. They sell their hardware with the promise of certain features and along the way take them out…

lol… haha, i dont even need to respond to this its so dumb.

Still… what happened to their “It only does everything” Marketing campaign? And what’s their problem with people using a PS3 hard drive for OS storage?

You probably won’t see me on HDR for awhile as I ponder whether or not I’d like to keep the functionality.

And if Sony marketed this feature then I could see a class action lawsuit actually going forward; the only problem is the lawyers would make all the money and you’d get like a $10 PSN card for your troubles.

There are clearly some noobs in this thread.

The “It Only Does Everything” slogan was started when the PS3 Slim was released, coincidentally SANS Linux OS. Anyway, 3.21 removed the OS because of hackers using it to get full access to the PS3. Sony doesn’t want the PS3 to end up hacked and pirated like the 360, Wii, PSP, DS, ect ect.

Don’t worry, I’m sure the 98% of PS3 owners who didn’t use the feature will continue their lives probably not even knowing the feature was removed, much less worried about it.

I recently got a ps3 and was planning to do the other OS thing but i guess im out of luck now

@Mr.Flowers, how was the PS3 with Linux?