PS3 Stick to PC

Does anyone know if it works, I was planning on buying a ps3 later on this year but I just got SFIV for the PC and my current stick is giving me problems was wondering if maybe I could just buy a ps3 stick and use it on PC, and I have read in some places that might not work with an Nvidia chipset and I have that, just wondering if anyone might already know th answer to my question. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

It’s really picky on chipsets. My beefy PC has an AMD chipset and it doesn’t work. This crappy laptop I’m on has an Intel chipset and it works perfectly. Worse case scenario you can drop < $20 on a PCI chipset that is guarunteed to work. Luckily I’m dual modding my ps3 te with a madcatz 360, and that works just fine.

If it doesn’t work with your PS3 stick all you would need to do is replace it with a new PCI USB Controller that’s of Intel or VIA chipset. I think they sell them at any local Best Buy for about 15-20 bucks.

i have the ps3 te stick and se. n they wont work on my amd. so i had to buy a new usb card.
i got it from its made by vantec i think. after buying it both my sticks works perfect. its 10$ for the pci card.