PS3 Remote in a custom stick

I am in the process of making a custom stick and will be investing in a nice Sixaxis/DS3 adapter board very soon.

Having heard that some PS3 controllers are not compatible, due to them not having the ribbon connector, I was wondering if anybody had considered using an official Sony PS3 remote control?

They seem to have all the buttons that you would need to map on a stick and use the same bluetooth technology for communicating with the PS3.

Has anybody considered this and/or dismissed it?

Interesting. I have a friend who owns one. I could test later today if:

  1. it’s even recognized as a controller
  2. games can be played with it
  3. if it’s responsive.

If those check out, it could work, but I’d imagine seeing some tiny contact points on that board.


I also own one and will attempt a disassembly when I get home this evening. The more I think about it, the more I think it won’t work. The reason I say that, is because the PS3 explicitly registers it as a bluetooth remote control, not a game controller. That being said, I am certain that I have used it to control games before… but I will need to double check that later.

Wont work.

Speaking along the same lines, I’ve been wondering if the PCB from that new MadCatz wireless Mic/controller for Rock Band 2 would work for a stick.

And if this is moddable (360 or PS3 version, even tho not out yet)

I know it’s not going to be exactly the same, but the 360’s remote has all of the same buttons the controllers have (A, B, X, Y + the guide button and directionals)

They work in the menus and dashboard, but they’re not active when you’re playing a game.

So I would be suprised if the PS3 was any different.

The pad works absolutely perfectly, I’ll post the video of it tomorrow or the day after. I was able to pull off Zangief’s pile driver, rose’s ultra, and ryu’s super, with not much work.

Keep us updated on this. I want to know more about it as well.

If you use a PS3 Remote as a joystick controller, can you still pair another remote at the same time?

Yeah this seems like an interesting project. Would be nice to see what happens.

wow, very interesting idea! keep the updates coming!

Nope, PS3 will only pair up with a single BD Remote at a time.

I have made a video that proves it DOES work in PS3 games with the D-Pad I’ve also used it on Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus and Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore. (my ps3 is the 60gb with the hardware emulation)

Here’s the link to it:


If that’s the case, then only someone who’s willing to sacrifice having a remote, or don’t mind re-pairing another remote should attempt this mod. This also means, at most you can only have one wireless joystick using this mod as well.

Cool stuff dude. Now gut it and take pics of the PCB so we can determine if its easy or not to hack. :bgrin:

It works… kinda.

For anyone trying to do this hack, let me tell you that the BD remote PCB may not be good for simultaneous 3-button presses (not sure whether it’s my wiring, the PCB design or just the sensitivity of Sanwa buttons). But, I have the hack “working” and I’m able to play the game with it. I’m sure that there’s a price to be paid for using a $20 remote…

If you’re still interested, here’s my write-up of the process: