Here is a thread for PS3/PSP/PSN news. Please do not ever use Kotaku as a credible source for news.

Looks like PSN might have a music store soon.

Want in on the Home beta?

Let’s get to it. :tup:

Music store could be big … thanks for the info.

Sounds fucking awesome. :tup:

powerstone collection ftw

Hope they also come out with a feature that allows you to play custom tracks during gameplay, just like Xbox. That’d be cool.

I don’t really care about this feature, but it sounds kind of cool.

:u: Yeah, it does sound kinda cool.
Could be a useful feature, for those who don’t have any software to convert & upload videos on YouTube.

I hope this pans out. It’d be sweet if implemented in, well, any competitive game.

PS3 Trophy Game List.

Sounds cool to me.

So, Sony updated their user agreement:;title;2

And this:

What the hell Sony. :mad:

What’s the problem? Pretty much every user agreement says the same thing if you read it. Let’s not go all Kotaku here.

I agree with him, but I think SCE should start to show at least a little sense of urgency.