PS3/NTSC/PAL Concern

Here is the situation:

-I have a US PS3 (NTSC).
-I am in The Netherlands for 3 months. Current TV is PAL.
-I bought a SCART converter and my PS3 shows on the TV in black and white with sound.
-I want to buy Tekken 6 when it comes out in a couple weeks.

Primary concern/question:

-While in a PAL country, will a European bought T6 will play as black and white on a NTSC ps3?
-When I go back to the states, will a European bought T6 play as color on a NTSC PS3 / TV? What about on higher settings (1080p)?

Do you mean SCART cable?
Did you put your PlayStation 3 in RGB mode?

I am using the red/white/yellow connection cable that came with my PS3. That connects to a red/white/yellow to SCART adapter. I am not sure about the PS3 setting, I believe I set it to the option that includes SCART

Yo, all PS3 games are region free. Yes, your PAL T6 copy will work on your NTSC TV and will display at 720p. (T6 is native 720p, not 1080p.)

I have PAL and NTSC games and they all work on my NA PS3 on my NTSC TV. Though, one thing to keep in mind is that DLC may not work. If you buy T6 DLC from the NA PSN store, it’s made for the NTSC version of the game, not the PAL version. For example, my copy of Killzone 2 is PAL, and I bought DLC for it from the NA PSN store. The DLC doesn’t work, so I have to eventually get a NTSC copy.

Thanks! I’ll dish out $20 for a used copy if its an issue in the future.

You are using composite signals through a SCART connector.
It is probably the television’s fault for it being in gray scales.

I want to burn a PS2 game so i can play it in my PS3
I am gonna burn it using TOAST Titanium but does someone know if this should work if the game has copy protection or something?
Does someone know a way to do this?

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I think everything would be in color if you went through a component or hdmi cable. If it’s an older television with just a scart input then you must buy a TRUE rgb scart cable (not just plug the yellow white red cables into a scart converter box). Look for any ps1, ps2, or ps3 rgb scart cable. It is 1 thick wire that ends in the scart head, set your ps3 to rgb and all games regardless of pal or ntsc will be in color and have the best possible picture outside of an HD hook up.

I lived in europe for years and imported many games from ntsc countries. Before HD this was the only way to get them in color.

hmm, so with an NTSC ps3, I should be able to get color on a PAL tv w/o using the 480/720/1080 outputs? All I would need is a PS3 cable that has a true SCART end?

Yes but be careful, even some of the ones with a true scart end don’t pass rgb. Your looking for something like this: or this:

I say this because out of about 5 cables I bought that were advertised as rgb scart 2 actually didn’t work. Funny thing was that the cheapest worked while the most expensive 1 didn’t.