PS3 Normal Disc Data Not Compatible With Deluxe Version?

I love KOF and I want to let my friend in on the action by giving my old disc to him, while I get a deluxe version (the one with the free poster).
So the deluxe version arrived today, and I tested it.
But it seems like the PS3 think of it as a completely different game, and made new data for it??
Meaning, I don’t have any of the things I’ve already unlocked, nor the characters that I’ve bought.
I double checked by going back to using the normal disc, and everything is still there.

Has anyone encountered this issue and if there is solution?


Ok I figured it out…
The deluxe edition is the PAL version.
My original was, of course, NTSC.
This was not in product description on Amazon… =’(

Think I should complain?

No way man, double your trophies!

I let them know they should say that it is the PAL version in the description. I did keep the deluxe edition tho, for my collection :slight_smile: