PS3 Madcatz TE round 1 finally broke, what can I do to fix it?

This is the stick that I’ve been using for both console and PC up to a couple months ago when it stopped working on both. When I connect it to the PC, windows recognizes the device but none of the button or joystick registers on the calibration tool. The lights for the turbo indicator dont light up either.

I took it apart to find out what might be the issue but it looks like most things are alright. Everything is stock and this is the first time I’m opening it since I got the stick 10 years ago.

The terminal pcb where the buttons are connected to look fine from the bottom, I couldnt open the housing without breaking it so I just left it as is.

The buttons and the cables connecting them look as they should, no cables are frayed/disconnected.

The joystick looks alright too, nothing much to say here.

The home pcb looks okay from the bottom, again I couldnt open the housing to take a look at it from the top because one of the screws is stripped. However the part where the USB cable connects to the home pcb could look better. I believe that either the USB cable or the control pcb itself might be faulty which causes the turbo light indicators to not light up and making the stick unusable.

Everything in the stick is stock and this is the first time I’m opening it since I got the stick 10 years ago. I’ve been looking at what to do and it’s overwhelming.

From looking around, I’d like to use this brook wifi board. Using this PDF guide which shows how things are connected, it seems that I might need these cables to connect the joystick and buttons to the blue terminal on the brook board. I’m not sure how to connect the PS button though since that’s on the home panel. Seems like I’d need the buttercade door if I were to go with the brook board for the PS button, but more importantly the usb cable.

Is there a way to have full functionality of the home panel if I go with the brook wifi board? If not, where can I get a PCB that replaces just the USB/home PCB? I’m not married to the idea of restoring everything to its original functionality, I’d just like to know what my options are before I decide to forgo repairing that and just have that brook wifi board + buttercade door.

Maybe the USB cable is broke

Solder another one in at the pcb end

I attempted this last night after getting my hands on a 80W soldering iron and some solder. I left the iron to heat up for a while (30 minutes) but it still wouldnt melt the solder that’s on the board. I thought that was kinda weird because the solder that I bought along with the iron definitely melted. Any idea what soldering iron I 'd need to use for the PCB? Seems like 80W isnt enough to melt it.

its more than enough bro

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