PS3 Internet Questions

Hey guys, some quick questions. To make a long story short my PC is busted up so I got a bluetooth keyboard to surf the net on my PS3. I have been paying bills and such online at work but have any of you used your PS3 to pay bills or buy anything online? Is it all that secure? I know the PSN got hacked a bit ago so I am iffy to do anything like this.

As far as what’s known, you can’t get a virus, spyware, trojans, etc. from your PS3 unless you are running Linux. As far as the PSN hack goes, I believe no credit card information was ever hacked into.

Cool thanks for the info. Wish you could update the flash player. Other than that its nice to surf the web on I think.

I use it to buy premium on here sometimes. No problems so far…

No fucking doubt, dude. Amen.

On topic: I ue my PS3 WB 100% of the time and I buy stuff online and never had problems.

Cool thanks for the feedback fellas. This machine is gonna get every ounce of use I can out of it. I even used remote play the other day. Its pretty sweet.

I use mine for everything BUT PS3 games. -_-

This is off topic, but I’ve been burning about three WWE PPVs on one DVD-R as a data disk and watching them on my PS3. The thing about making video data disks to watch on your PS3 is that you have to burn everything you want to see on the disk in one session, otherwise subsequent burning sessions will not be recognized by the PS3.

Pretty cool thing if you like using Bittorrent for movies and such.

Question since I don’t have a PS3…
In order to get a PS3 Gamertag, do you “HAVE” to have a PS3?
Or can I go ahead and get one before I buy a PS3?


Alt- I’m pretty sure you can set up an account.

The only beef I have with the browser is that it freezes up on this very site for me sometimes. I blames the low v-ram.

Okay, so where do I get one?

^ Does that work?

I never seen that site before. U should go to sony’s home page and go from there if u don’t have a ps3.

So is the ps3 a pretty good replacement for a computer? might be moving and i wanna get a computer or a ps3 so im kinda deciding which one to get first…do u need a internet service provider before u can get online? or how does that work? u can just plug it up and get online? without paying for att dsl or comcast internet?

If u plan to replace a comp, you have to get linux and then it’s decent. Linux is very different than windows in terms of installing apps and junk. Either you can jack someone’s wi-fi signal or just plug into an ethernet port. The ps3 doesn’t charge you for internet but your isp does still. Nothing extra though to my knowledge.

Ok total noob question,
But what the hell is linux and how do I install it

Linux is an OS like Windows or Mac OS, except it’s free and open source. To install it on your PS3, burn the version of Linux you want to a DVD, go to the System menu of the PS3, and install it from there. You will need a mouse and keyboard for it.

Note that there are many different types of Linux. Yellow Dog Linux is the one recommended by Sony, however Ubuntu is probably the best version for Windows vets.

I have yellow dog and I hate it. You can’t do shit with it. I need to get Ubuntu asap:bluu:

I know what you mean. It’s got the most convoluted installation process I’ve ever seen. Whenever my main comp goes down, I just use it for Web browsing and IM (and the web browsing sucks since I can’t figure out how to get Flash on the damn thing).

man, i keep getting dropped on PSN network (when i test conn it says my wireless is about 70%) is that good?

should i get a new wireless router?

idk why i keep getting dropped!