(PS3) I need a Thrax training partner

I need someone who is 10x better than I am. I really need training with this team! If your interested please leave your PSN I’ll add you asap.

quitting at the select screen wont help you any

i play thrax though. NickGuy032008. if thats full, Regency_NickGuy

Thanks for replying, I’ll add you as soon as possible.

People still doing that? Smh.

Add me my Psn is MiixxUpz

@MissDestroyYou‌ you aren’t bad. idk how long youve been playing marvel but you already have fast fly/unfly combos and the DHC down.

you just need to work on your movement. I played you on pad and I was beating you because you have moments where you dont know what youre doing. wavedashing is awesome but have a reason for it, wavedashing in my face then normal jumping back does what? thats not good movement. position yourself to punish assists more. all this really comes with time and experience but you definitely on your way keep at it


I’ve been playing since last year around February. It’s kind of hard keeping up with this game due to the high skill level of all the players. I do alot of dumb things while playing, such as the wave dashing and jumping back. I do that because I get nervous I will get hit with a assist.

Sometimes I try to look cool and wave dash in to do a tri dash jump thingy, but my execution isn’t perfect at times and I just end up flying into the sky with Storm. If you were playing on pad I’d hate to play you while your on stick because your really good. Lol

some people will disagree with me but i think its better to learn zoning before rushdown. learn your spacing with storm, you have drones and commando! make them run into your assists lol. also dont always box dash vs sent, youre asking to get fly comboed. watch high level thraxes and see how they play the matchup

im always down to play, if you see me on send me a msg