PS3 Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 SA PCB Diagram for dual modding?

Sorry if this has been posted, I just can’t find it.
I’m looking for a picture of the PS3 Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 SA pcb with the solder points labeled.

I found a thread with the x360 stick listed, but no dice on the PS3 version. The main buttons are labeled, but i’m trying to figure out points for the directions, select, and guide buttons.

still having no luck. HALP

I think this is correct. If someone could confirm it is correct, that would be great.
The column of 1-9 are used for the turbos and dp/ls/rs setting. I didn’t bother testing that.
Hope this helps. Apologies for the bad picture.

Before using the diagram check that the PCBs used are indeed identical.
The one pictured above is the US board; the JPN board seems to have the USB pins 1-5 reversed (found out after I used the US connector and fried the board since the connectors are the same?!). Also, the wires to the top panel are different, as there are 2 cables consisting of 9 pins each. The connections for these are labelled on the top panel.

bumpy, can anyone tell me pins for the turbo lsdprs ?
i want to use this pcb standalone… if any resistor is required i want to know…


Here’s a pic of a JPN board I made a few months ago:

thanks for this :slight_smile: i might change go crazy and change the v3sa’s pcb :stuck_out_tongue: and use the original one for a custom stick

This pcb is the one i have seen on almost all of the V3 SA sticks i’ve modded.
Remember, select/home comes from the ribbon cable with 8 pins not 9. that ribbon cable if i remember right has a VCC.

For those who are more in a hurry and want to be cool and do the no desolder of USB trick, the resistors aren’t 0 ohm like MCZ sticks but 21 ohms. I just cut the traces from D+ and D- to the usb line to not desolder the USB

my only question is why two VCC? I understand one but the other where the leds are labled doesn’t compute in my head except it maybe deals with giving the leds power to light up but seems dumb to have an extra vcc line since the board is already getting 5volts so should power all of it.