ps3 help

sorry if i shouldntve made a new thread for this, but i just formatted my ps3 thinking it would fix my problem, but i wasnt able to back up some save data. will it mess my account up if i do the stuff over (IE new sf4 file)? and why are some files not able to be copied?

please tell me you ran the backup utility before you formatted.

some saves won’t copy because of trophies.

what SKU is your PS3? 60Gb, 40Gb?

you can pickup a new laser for around $50. if you need help figuring out which laser to order let me know. I can install it for you in a matter of minutes if your bring me your console. no joke…

or you can send it to sony for $150
or you can try this guy, he’s good with xbox’s not sure if he messes with PS3s.
or I think I saw a sign at play-n-trade in kirkland that said they do repairs. no info about it on their site.

  1. he can get pc data rescue and retrieve the files provided he doesn’t save anything after the format and he puts the drive into an enclosure and connects it to a pc.

  2. not all games will let you copy the data over, even if they don’t have trophies, my rainbow six v2 data didn’t copy over and it has no trophies.

i didnt do back up utility… cuz my jump drive didnt have 10gigs. so yeah… am i pretty screwed?

edit: 40gig spiderman edition

you’re only really screwed if you formatted, then saved new data.

saved new data? nah i havent even played anything hahah. i got the save files i could copy on a jump drive, should i be ok?

The only way to salvage your SF4 data is through backup utility otherwise you’re kind of screwed since the save data is locked(annoying as fuck:tdown:) on PS3. You’re probably out of luck.

so the files on my jump drive are good for what then??? ;/

Chances are the files on your jump drive are all copyable and anything you have that is SF4 related is probably just the game data(updates, etc) and not your save data.

The thing is, if you just copied over your saved data folder, as long as you copy that folder into your new account under the same name every game should load as usual. The only problem is that some save files of games are locked (SF4) and are impossible to copy over unless you use the backup utility which basically creates an image of your whole PS3 and puts everything back the way it was once you’ve formatted or put in a new HDD.

This is why i dont’ fuck with a ps3

That’s cause our site is just a basic corporate site. We can do repairs, and will order all the parts & junk. There is currently about a 2 week turn around though. So just keep that in mind. Most repairs are about $50 - $60 bucks.