ps3 help

my ps3 froze on the other day i held the power button down and nothing so i unpluged it turned it back on it came up with the screen for me to plug in usb controller and push ps button tryed that it still will not go past that screen like pushing the ps button does nothing any help out there be great thanx

I had a hard time understanding what you wrote.

Connect the controller to a USB and hook it up to the PS3. Hold the PS3 for more than 10 seconds until you hear a beeping sound. Then, let it go and it should boot up for you.

I work with ps3’s. It’s a minor issue. The mistake is when the user allows the disc to keep spinning, causing damage to the blu-ray drive. Anybody can argue this fact, however I can care less I work with ps3’s as part of my career, so can spare me the lecture as you will not address the issue as I do on a day-to-day basis. Thermal paste is temporary, as well as a reball to the gpu. If you do want your ps3 to stay in great running condition, with minimal to no chance of YLOD, switch the components inside the shell over into a PC case.

This will allow fluent airflow, and more space between parts, overall allowing much better fan performance. I would highly suggest installing and mounting a copper thermaltake onto the processor/gpu just for added sustainability. These fixes are much longer lasting, and a better route to take than 150 for a reball, or 100 bucks for Sony to service it themselves. Don’t waste your money on petty purchases such as these, you’re better off learning how to do the process yourself and taking out the useless info the usual tutorials give and replacing it with a better approach.

If you’re actually interested in keeping your Playstation 3 Console in orderly working condition, you might want to take some of this seriously, I do know my ropes.