PS3 frozen whilst checking mail

(Tried searching this but since someone’s name here is frozen it didn’t work out right, sorry if this has been asked before)

Well, I was just finishing a match on SFIV and got mail while all the ending stuff happened, I tried to check it but now my console is frozen at the medal screen with the grayness and 2 white bars of the home menu and the only thing that is working is the option to quit the game or turn off the system from holding down the home button.

Is there any way for me to get out of this without gaining disconnection percentage?

Thanks for any answers.

Update: It’s definately not just loading slowly since it’s still in the same state now.

Update mk2: Someone on gamefaqs said it’s basically unfixable so nvm just goint to turn it off, just a warning to everyone, never access the home menu (or whatever it’s called like 360 dashboard) whilst finishing a match of SFIV, man haven’t had a console bug out on me like this since the whole DOA4 360 dashboard freezing glitch, hope it gets fixed sometime, hate having to be extra careful around this stuff to make sure it doesn’t crash.