PS3 Fightpad dongle factory defective - Madcatz won't answer me -


This is my first post here, unfortunately I did not read this forum BEFORE ordering one of those fightpads.

I bought a Ryu fightpad for the PS3 on Ebay, had to wait a month to get it because I live in Brazil, I also paid a lot of custom fees. But that’s ok I just wanted to play SF4 with a nice gamepad.

Ok, plugged the dongle on my PS3 put a couple of batteries in the fightpad and… nothing happened.

The led on the dongle was blinking and so was the fightpad led. I took the dongle and reinserted it on the PS3, but the dongle led did not blinked or lit up EVER AGAIN.

My guess is that the dongle came defective. I already talked with the ebay seller but he said he could not do anything since he does not have this fightpads anymore.

Then I wrote to Mad Catz explaining what happened and hoping they would send a new dongle to me but I already wrote 2 times to then and they’re just IGNORING ME.

I would like to know if there is anyone here with a broken fightpad that has a fully working dongle so for a reasonable price I would buy it from you.

I’m really pissed about it, and wont buy ANYTHING from Mad catz ever again. Screw then…


If you got a defective product, contact your eBay seller, not manufacturer.

I don’t know how the warranty thing works exactly, but aren’t products only under warranty while within the country of original purchase?

Sony America won’t touch Japanese/European PS3’s for instance for warranty work. Sony Japan won’t mess with a Japanese PS3 in America.

Taken from the Mad catz online FAQ:

“… If the light is blinking or there is no light at all, you may need to have the receiver replaced… If you are experiencing any of these problems, please contact Mad Catz Technical Support for further assistance.”

It makes sense, but there is no Mad Catz Brazil. In that case, how should I proceed?

Anyway, I’m hoping that someone with a broken fightpad could sell his dongle since Mad catz says they are interchangeable.

Also, Mad Catz could sell only dongles at their online store. I just want to make this damm thing work.

I had the same problem ages ago, luckily the ebay seller gave me a full refund.

I had this problem with a wireless xbox360 adapter for windows. It turned on once and then never turned on again, tried everything. I took it back to the store and got another one and that’s been fine since. If this item was new then hassle your ebay provider until he agrees to a refund or exchange.

You guys think I could buy just a working dongle from Mad catz or even from someone with a broken fightpad?

You probably could, but if the product is faulty try to get your money back first imo.

The seller gave me a refund, but that was not a good solution for me at all.

As I said, I live in Brazil and you cant find this kind os stuff here, and not many ebayers ship this kind of thing to Brazil. Besides that, I had to pay a lot of custom fees (almost the price of another fightpad) and that money I will not recover.

So, yeah, it was nice from the seller but I lost almost 50 bucks to the custom and will have a hard time trying to find another seller who sells this pads for a fair price ans ships it to Brazil.

For all this I’ll try as hard as I can to get another dongle.

sorry man those pads aren’t the best

You should have just bought a stick. Maybe you have a friend or someone you know traveling for the summer and ask them to get you one and bring it back.

I’d offer to sell you the one I have, since it just collects dust but I’ve got another 4 months before I can sell on SRK bro.

Try posting a WTB (Want to Buy) thread on the Trading Outlet!

Hope you find another one!