PS3 Ethernet Woes

I apologize in advance in there’s another thread about this, but I couldn’t find anything related.

Ok, so I have a PS3 Slim that I have had since Feb. 2010. When I bought it I got a four year warranty, but my a$$hole drug-addicted ex-roommate voided it and fucked up the console in the process. The damage is mostly cosmetic, but the Blu-Ray drives insertion detection is fucked up and the ethernet port seems to have been snapped off of the PCB. I can get discs in and out with out harming them, so that’s fine. The drive reads discs perfectly. The ethernet port, though, is a concern. I play pretty much all online games on 360 because the service is superior, but recently I played Arcana Heart 3 and liked it against my will. I can’t really play that shit on wireless, as it’s already on PSN to begin with.

So my question is: Has anyone in here ever repaired the PS3 ethernet port, and how difficult would it be? I don’t think the PCB is broken or cracked, because it still works flawlessly. My guess is that it’s just come loose from the solder joints that connect it to the board, or that the port’s metal pins snapped and needs a completely new one soldered in. Does anyone have any diagrams of the PS3 slim?

Thanks in advance.

You have to take time and solder each of the 9 pins back to the PCB, making sure you do not by accident bridge 2 or more pis together.