PS3 DLC gameshare?

My name is Velvy. :smiley:

I recently picked up UMvC3 after wanting it for so long.
I only knew of all the content being taken off the stores after I bought the game. This is a shame, because I was really looking forward to Jill, Shuma, and all the alt. costumes.
So uh…Is there anyone willing to gameshare the unavailable dlc with me?
I wouldn’t be doing this if I could buy them legitimately.

Send me a personal message if you’d be willing to share your PSN account info with me, and thank you SO much in advance.

[] Jill Valentine
] Shuma Gorath
[] All alt. costume dlc
] (Except for good ol’ Spanish MagNEAT-o, of course.)

Does anyone Jill & Shuma, because I’ve been wanting to play with those characters for a while now. Is there anyone that wouldn’t mind gamesharing them on PSN? If you can, I’ll send you my info by email. Just to let you guys know(for the people that dont mind gamesharing) I dont have any personal info at all on my PSN Account.(And the reason I would give a certain person my PSN Info, its because (1) I have a vita, and (2) i dont wanna here complaint about how i messed up someones account.) But If anyone can gameshare Jill & Shuma into my account, I would greatly appreciate it.