PS3 crapped out...overheated, blinking red light, beeps three times, no disc eject!

so my first generation 60G PS3 crapped out on me, and i’m pretty sure it’s overheated. i went to the Sony site and i had two options…either shell out $191 to get it fixed, or pay $160 to trade it in for a PS3 slim. being that the slim only has 2 USB ports and isn’t backwards compatible, i think that’s a weak trade…but my question is, what are my other options? it’s def out of warranty and i’d like to think there were people besides sony are capable of fixing it for way less than the ridiculous asking price. any ideas or suggestions?

btw, i’m located in san jose, so if any of y’all know a spot that works on PS3’s, please hit me up.

PS3’s should only cost $150 to send in and get fixed, given that though I’d easily trade my 60 in for $160 to get a slim. USB hubs are like $5 and the backwards compatibility is not worth anything.

but i have all the final fantasies, street fighter alphas, anniversary collection, darkstalkers and other sweet ps2 games =(

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you, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar! i’d rather butcher my own PS3 than have Sony rape me through the pants

I have the games you mentioned as well and just play them on a ps2. I’d get the slim and use what you saved with the trade in for a ps2. As stated, the only value BC on the ps3 holds is to be able to say you have it. And sony is hardly raping you through the pants if you are out of warranty. I just had a tv go bad after 2 years but there’s not much I can do except replace it (fixing will cost $300+ and it cost $500…) and make sure the next tv I buy has a squaretrade warranty on it. Live and learn.

I’m not trying to sound disrespectful; just giving my insight. It’s very easy to blame the manufacturer for something that occurs after the warranty expires.

You could always try the free warranty trick, i mean “goodwill service” even though you’re out of warranty
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The Thermal paste probably dried out, I hope these links can help.
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maybe. when i checked it, i thought some water had spilled on it because there was some liquid around and on the bottom of the system.

I have fixed two ps3’s so far one wouldn’t play bluray only ps2 and DVD’s so I replace the laser worked perfect the second I pickup up on craigslist for $60 it was a first gen with full BC and I did the heat gun trick and replaced the thermal past with Artic5 and it has worked perfect since then I did add two fan as a precaution but the PS3’s are pretty easy to open. I would give it a try if you have a harbor freight around you they have really cheap heat guns 13.99 or so and you will be surprised at how many uses you can get out of a heat gun but make sure you dont use a blow dryer it does not get hot enough and don’t get scared about the heat The PS3 will be fine nothing will explode

I was a bit worried about opening my PS3 the first time I did it, but it’s stupid easy to do. Just keep track of what screws go where and you’ll be fine. If you try reflowing your PS3, and I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT MOVE THE BOARD FOR 15-20 MINUTES! Put down the heat gun, go for a walk, make a sammich, then go back.

I second that kits if you move it its all over

get a local video game store to repair it(check craigslist).

I really hope that systems go back to cartridges or non moving parts when SSD memory prices go down. They should stop trying to be more powerful to the point where they over heat and die. It’s like the 360 and PS3 are on roids and amped up on drugs and dying way before their time. And you know it is only a matter of time before the DVD drive dies on you.

To this day almost all of my cartridge based systems still work.

They don’t make them like they used to. When was the last time you seen a well used PS1 in the last 6 months that works as good as the day it was taken out of the box? I have 2 in my closet that choke on FMV worse than youtube on dialup.

Cartridge lol? You mean digital download? Cartridges were actually pretty unreliable during their time. I remember my insanely priced NES games would work like 40% of the time, same when they went to SNES. 64 was a slight improvement though the technology was severely behind the PSX and Dreamcast by then. Consoles will always be cursed with using technology that’s always behind the curve thus why they are laden with so many problems.

Nope I’m really that crazy. Yeah I was thinking SSD cartridges using cheaper slow flash memory like the ones used in USB drives. Because it would be slow memory, the next gen system could just have a massive amount of ram and stream off cartridge. Put on a anti piracy security chip as tough to crack like they did with the Xbox controller.

I don’t like digital download only. With digital download only you are stuck with something like the PSP Go. A publisher can hold the price of a game for $60 forever if they want. I am against losing the ability to resale a game on the second hand market or having limited consumer choice.

Just an FYI. My SNES and Genesis work almost as well as the day that I bought it. Better than my Playstation.

My SNES kicked the bucket from too much tetris attack. But that is okay. I can get another one from local used game store.

I like the idea of SSD games. I always liked the lack of loading times, and the durability of carts in general. You can practically fix any cart with some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip, but usually to buffer out any scratches from discs using an industrial buffer at said used game shop, the discs would generally already be in working condition. I see a lot of problems when they’re taking those, they’re just so damaged sometimes, but they never need a second peek at a cartridge. Just trade it in, price it, and it’s on the shelves.

I like digital download, but not exclusively. I like having fun games like Castle Crashers and Scott Pilgrim on my PS3 to play if LittleBigPlanet gets boring, and we already have 4 controllers out and about. I especially like Scott Pilgrim. It uses 6 button.

What is funny is that the shop gets mobile sega genesis emulators in stock. It used to be cool and have some games programmed on (officially licensed), and a slot for cartridges. But, now those are having a remodel, and instead of a cartridge, it now has an SD card slot. The manufacturers don’t tell you what to do with the slot. It’s just there. Hmmm…

As much as a pine for the days of sturdy, physical based media, it’s something we’ll never go back to. The piracy rates on a physical media are going to be much higher than say a downloadable media such as a PSN game where not only is there no physical media, you have to jump through ridiculous security loop holes to pirate.
Also, solid media is not made like it used to be. Neo Geo carts would survive a winter frozen in piss. The SD cards and flash memory of today probably wouldn’t survive being outside in -3 c degree weather. Not to mention that the modern solid media wouldn’t hold the game data longer than 10 years. Do you want to re-live CPS2/3?

Also, the inflated prices for games like Donkey Kong Country, or the Mega Man X games were because of hardware cost, unlike today where games cost $60 because developers feel like they need to milk another 3 million dollars profit out of the game

That’s not saying much. Sony has been pretty awful at making hardware. For example: the psx’s heat vents- on the bottom of the system.

You know what system runs whisper quiet, has no fans, has never given me a single read error, and has been my bff for the last 15 years? Sega Saturn motherfuckers. The only issue its susceptible to is the same one the NES (and any cart based system) is, where the pins on the RAM slot will get bent with too much use, but hey- I haven’t touched that slot in years.

I still have a working SNES, NES, Sega, Atari, Commodore, etc.

Just gotta take good care of snes and nes because they have really bad problems when they get dirty :amazed:

Nobody’s recommended gopher mods?