PS3 controller/pad mod?

I’m sure the question comes up quite frequently but is there any way to mod my ps3 control to work with 360 so I can play in tourneys that use only 360? Or is there a cheaper solution to doing so like using an adapter/converter? I know with those options theres questions of lag and dropped inputs but I really want to make a name in the tourney scene so I really need help and am willing to even adapt to using dual mod stick but only if thats what it comes down to. I feel like my execution and inputs on my original ps3 pad is the best ive used (i have a pdp afterglow ps3 control that I think can be used on 360 since it said its universal but the feel of the control is just too foreign and i drop alot of stuff) so if possible i want to stick to that control style and type.

afaik ps3 official pads are not allowed in tourneys because they are wireless, so the closest would be a ps2 dual shock and converters, inpin & xtokki

something like this?

Like mentioned in the post above, you can padhack your controller to be dual-modded. It’s quite a lot of custom-work above and beyond most player’s abilities, but it is possible.

Although tbh, the cheapest and easier solution is to simply buy an aftermarket 360 pad and get used to it. I know it’s quite different than a ps3 controller, but it’s also significantly less hassle.

You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to how you play your games. If you’re not confident that you can dual mod a ps1 or ps2 controller then I suggest looking for a modder near you who you can pay to do it.

It’s far better than compromising.

I know Duckie stopped doing game pad mods due to time and difficulty on each one.

Never done one myself, but it looks like a huge pain in the ass. There’s not much room in there to work with.