PS3 community dead?

won’t even try to find a match.

It’s not dead, but I’m not finding matches as much as I’d like. Not sure how it is on Steam.

People have said its a problem with the game itself.

It’s weird, I thought this game was really hyped and lots of people would buy it… apparently the hype didn’t translate so much into sales, I guess because of the skepticism flying around about the one-trick-pony nature of this game…

Got a source? If this is in fact true, then we can expect a patch soon.

So yeah, I don’t think the game is dead at all. The game just has trouble connecting people together, giving the impression that online is barren.

i cant find it in the psn store so…!/en-ca/games/divekick/cid=UP4372-NPUB31279_00-DIVEKICKPS300001

I think there may well be a problem (assuming the game hasn’t sold terribly).

In 30 minutes or so last night (EU), I managed to find two games - both the same chap, who declined (or was unable) to take me on. I’ve played two games now in over an hour of staring at the ‘searching’ screen. Even SCV is better than that!

The real issue, though, is that I’m becoming disinclined to even try again…

Haven’t seen a single Ranked Match opponent yet…rare enough for friendly.