PS3 Blu-Ray Remote question

Hey, this is probably a silly question, but…

Would the PS3 Blu-Ray remote PCB work in an arcade stick? If it did, the advantages would be that it’s a cheap PCB and you can use rechargeable AAs instead of the built-in SixAxis battery… But I wouldn’t be surprised if it would not work for some reason.
Also, does anyone know if the remote can control PS1/PS2 games?


Even if it did you can’t control games with it so the answer is no. Although props for the creativity on that one.

on a side note, the PS2 had IR Remotes that did work for games, but the ones i tried lagged terribly.



I was playing tekken with one not long ago

i dont remember if i tested with a ps2 game though

Yeah but if you think the solder points are small on a controller, imagine how small they would be on a remote.


Wait, it can work with games? I might have to open it up and look at those solder points. But only if it works with PS2 games. And only if it can do diagonals, of course.

alls u need is a small tip for your soldering iron and your fine. and if u cant solder to a small point i cant really say anything but practice…

but i think this is an idea worth trying. you wont need to spend all the cash on a pcb for a ps3

I’m at work. Can someone please test the remote to see if it works with PS1 or PS2 games?
If it does, I’ll bite and be the first to attempt this.

i dont know much about pcbs or anything, but is it the pcb that determines how many buttons can be pressed at the same time? would be silly if we could only press one button at a time :x

most controllers will take the press of all buttons being pressed at once the system justs needs to be able to read all of it. or some games are programed to only allow a certain amount of buttons to be pressed at once.

if you guys want me to give it a shot i will when i have some cash.

Yes James, that’d be great. I don’t mind letting you go first. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ve tested the BR remote and it works with PS2 games but not PS1 games. Hmm… Still worth making a stick out of it?

On the bright side, if it doesnt work, you’d have the most bad-ass remote control EVER.