(PS3 Base) Project: Other [genres] Pad (POP)

This a spin-off thread of my other thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/ps3-base-project-arcade-pad-pap-in-need-of-wirers/128139.

When I first made my original thread, the idea was to make one uber-controller. However, as time passed/ideas were brought up/post counts climbed, the general consensus became to make 2, instead of just one.

Now, I’m getting confused as to what controller each post are for (ie: “Is this for the arcade pad? Or the other pad?” ). To help me, I made this thread, (this way I have a thread for each controller) so I can keep controllers/layouts separate. This way, I know that (for example) “[Layout A]. [D], and [Z] are for the arcade pad, while [F], [L]and [M] are the other pad”.

The next post will be exclusively quotes from my other thread. I went a bit quote tag happy… My apologies. I’ll try to clean it up

…Do you have any video of your hands while you’re playing with the XCM XFPS?

Now I do:

The controller is in my lap, while the trackball and XCM XFPS Rateup Adapter is on the desk.

No idea if this would work but do you think you could possibly wire the track ball and triggers like how people use the xbox 360 madcatz controller to make an arcade stick?

That won’t work. The whole point is to have an analog input, but the trigger hack is digital.

So, it looks like the Kensington Trackball is a bit larger relative to the PS3 pad than what you’ve got showing there. It’s about 5"x6"…

Do you have any experience with smaller trackballs, like the Logitech Trackman Marble, or even some of the miniatures like:

Smaller is fine. My only requirement is that it’s a 4-button trackball, so each of the shoulder buttons can be on it. With my current one http://www.trackballworld.com/40-170.html I have to either change the control scheme or remap the buttons.

Compared to integrating the trackball, it’s very easy to deal with extra buttons. I can transplant the trackball from the body it has, and put it in a box with the other stuff, and then surround it with buttons. This is modeled on my PSone controller - but the PS3 controller should have similar dimensions.

I like the idea. One suggestions though. The controller and trackball should face the same way

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So more like this?

Do you need to be able to remap the buttons on the face of the controller?
The XCF uses little wheels to set the sensitivity. That seems to be OK for you. Does the XCF have any ‘dead zone’ settings?
Any thoughts on how button mapping should be handled?
Any thoughts on how you want to turn ‘toggle mode’ on or off for the buttons?
Do you have any thoughts on the button layout? In the video, you were using the track ball with a finger - and not your thumb, so buttons on both sides seems to make sense.

Yes, more like that. This way, everything is facing the same way when I play. Also, I’m not sure if it would be better (this is just an idea), but considering how I play, would it be possible to put the controller and trackball side-by-side?

No, I do not need to be able to remap the buttons because I’d have access to every button anyway.
“Dead zone” settings? I do not know what those are and no, the Rateup (easier to just call it that lol) doesn’t have any. Yeah, the dials work ok for me.
As for button mapping, I’m thinking something like this (You seem to have given me 2 extra buttons, so I turned them into the sensitivity dials. Also, what is the green part?):


As for enabling/disabling “toggle,” I don’t know… Maybe like how you enable Turbo (Hold down the Turbo button, and press whatever button you want)? To disable “toggle,” you’d do it again? Or while it’s in toggle, you press the button again to release?
Speaking of Turbo, is it possible to have both Toggle AND Turbo?
The layout looks fine, other than my question about putting the controller and trackball side-by-side

You mean like in the top post? That’s definitely possible.


That’s a bit of a brainfart. I should have put 10 buttons instead of 8. The idea was to have the four face buttons available as well.
I was actually thinking sliders (like an audio mixer) for the sensitivity thing.

The green part is the ‘guts’ of the trackball.


Yes, exactly like that. I think that will accommodate how I play better. I think.

Regarding sliders for sensitivity, I really like that idea, so I have a visual reference of how sensitive it is. The Rateup has no real indicators on the dials, only like this: | - | - | - | - |
Right now, I think having another set of face buttons is a little redundant, as they will still be on the (for now, let’s call it the) controller (on the left), am I correct?
However, having Start, Select, PS, etc on the top is smart.

Yeah. There should also be LED indicators for turbo and toggle mode on the buttons. I’ll look into having them vibrate too, but that may prove too challenging.

I’m a little concerned that some interface genius will decide that you need to be able to manipulate the right stick while pushing random combinations of shoulder and face buttons in order to play some game. Since the goal is to cover all non-fighting game genres, that’s something to be aware of. And, if you end up not using them, it’s not the end of the world.

My original inclination was to cut out the d-pad and right analog stick, and throw away the rest of the controller, and then have some custom arrangement of buttons on the other side. That way you could have all the buttons available in that scenario as well…

That still leaves games which require manipulating both analog sticks at the same time…


I’m not worried about vibration. It’s not a mandatory feature in any game.

Okay, this is true. I see what you mean.

That could work, but I think the best bet would be to get 2 controllers, do your idea for the right side, and keep the other one intact for for the left side. Well, the front of it anyway.

And games that require the use of the accelerometer. Like Heavy Rain, No More Heroes, Siren, etc

No real insight there right now. I’ll think about it some more.

Any other ideas?

There are 6-degree gizmos out there… I need to figure out what they’re called… I’ll swing by Fry’s and look. I’ll also check with Toodles to see about data side.

I tried to put together an order at LL but MC Cthulus were out. I’m also trying to track down a loaner PS3.

I checked with Toodles. It looks like the easiest way to get motion control support may be to padhack a sixaxis.