PS3 Arcade Stick PCB

Hello everyone,
I want to build an arcade stick to play ssf3 on ps3, I’ve read the slagcoin guide and searched the forums best I could but I couldn’t find what I’m looking for.
I would like to know which is the best PCB to start from.
I’d like to use a direct pcb to usb to avoid converters that might cause lag.


Get a Cthulhu board. It’s PS3/PC compatible.

yep 2nd that

Better yet,

Get an MC Cthulu. $5 more for that PCB and with an investment in an RJ-45 interface and some more parts, you get a stick that’s compatible with at least a half-dozen game systems in addition to PS1/PS2/PS3 AND the Mac and PC!

If you’re going to hack into your joystick for the first and only time, it makes more sense to get an MC Cthulu.

… Unless you really have no interest in anything other than PS3. Even then, a vanilla Cthulu will still support PC and Mac gameplay for older emulated fighting games, too.

i would also suggest that if you want to save a few bucks and have an old six-axis adapter lying around you can pull the PCB from that. getting that wired is a bitch unless you spend the $25-$27USD on the AXISdapter

Dualstrike or Cthulhu are both good options.

Cthulhu thread:

Dual Strike thread:

thanks a lot for your help, I’ll check out dual strike and cthulhu, I knew the latter but I can’t find it anywhere in europe (I want to avoid expensive shipping and customs if possible).
Other than that I was thinking about hacking some cheap third party controller just to keep me busy till I wait for quality parts to be shipped.
Do you think it is possible to experience lag with a third party controller such as logitech chillstream? (the cheapest I could find online atm)
Apart from lag are there any other issues due to the use of a low quality controller pcb? Can a cheap controller have a low quality pcb that influences gaming experience (lag, wrong imput reg and so on) or just low quality assembly and parts?

Thanks again and again and excuse me if I’m asking stuff that’s already been covered in other posts of the forum.